skills, possibly for the paying of bills but also just for chills or occasionally thrills

YaYaYaYa Decent.Registered User regular
so I read this article on Cracked earlier today, which basically says you're kind of a piece of shit unless you're contributing a skill to the world

I had a couple of issues with it but I think the thesis is basically sound, and it got me thinking

what're my special skills? what am I good at?

here's my list so far

good writer
can make films (write, direct, edit, distribute)
okay at being on stage and public speaking
decent singer, basic knowledge of the guitar, piano, ukulele and harmonica
able to analyse and discuss films, books and video games at a fairly high level
good at providing customer service over the phone
pretty okay driver
can solve basic computer and technical issues with electronics

I might think of a couple more, but what do you guys bring to the table? what're you good at?


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    ArangArang HUEY LEWISRegistered User regular
    shakin' it's all I know!

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    TrippyJingTrippyJing Moses supposes his toeses are roses. But Moses supposes erroneously.Registered User regular
    absolutely nothing


    maybe dancing

    and possibly computer stuff

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    YaYaYaYa Decent. Registered User regular
    @TrippyJing what kind of dancing

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