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Hi everybody!
I've come here today to share a news story with you all. The reason why I have decided to post it here is because I want to share it with as many people as I can and I know the forums here are filled with a great group of people who care about subjects like these and I need to get this outside just my circle of friends on facebook and google + .

I live in Duluth, Minnesota. My best friend for over twenty years now, has been trying his hardest to get a gaming convention started here in town. He has a solid idea and a plan in place and has put up a kickstarter page, but the word hasn't been traveling well. Until a few days ago.
This news article, by our local news paper: MOD EDIT: NOPE!
was put up on the opinion page and wow, what an opinion it is.
I cannot even comment on the piece, as it still makes me angry to read it.
However, this post is not about how I feel and my response to the article. I will save that for my letter to the author of that article. What this post is about, is to share with you all about a person that decided to write in to a newspaper and share his/her (I'm not sure about gender, but I guess that's irrelevant) uninformed and in some examples, made up opinions about games, conventions and gaming, uncited references, only saying "studies show"
Many people have come to the defense of this convention and GenCon (which the other took shots at in his/her article), wanting the author to cite sources and back up the claims they make in their article. The author has not yet responded to any comments.

If any of you feel the same way that I do, or if you disagree or want to say anything at all, please make your opinions heard by either commenting on the article itself or on the newspapers facebook page (links will be posted at the bottom) and even if you just say "I agree" or "I disagree" or "first!" I am begging you to help me take a stand against this article and to show people that gamers are not angry, violent people and that conventions are not a place for them to gather and rape and pillage towns. I want to show people that gamers are the best kind of people. For anyone that has been involved in Child's Play (either directly involved, attending events or donating) your views and opinions would be a great thing to add to the support others have been bringing.

Links -
Berserkon Facebook Page

Duluth News Tribune Article

Duluth News Tribune Facebook Page

Berserkon Kickstarter Page

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    I don't think you're allowed to be linking your Kickstarter pages here, man. Please contact @tube or a mod for permission.

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    this is me irl

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    you're going bear-zerk


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    I'd go to a convention in Duluth. It's only a couple hours from me here in BRAINERD/BAXTER.

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    Welcome to the forums! Thanks for ignoring the rule thread, it's cool. It's mostly just suggestions anyway, we don't really enforce any behavior standards around here!

    Thanks for sharing this exciting budding business, and for giving us permission for sharing our opinions about it!


    Since you didn't actually read the rules and you didn't bother to contact any of the moderator staff here about whether or not it was okay to share a kickstarter event or pimp out a website/project like this, I'm going to lock the thread, remove the links and not even feel bad about it!

    If you feel this was done in error, you are welcome to discuss it with us via our forum's built-in handy-dandy Private Messaging System.


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