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Unlike actress Jane Seymour, some [Frustrating Old Games] do not get better with age

manwiththemachinegunmanwiththemachinegun METAL GEAR?!Registered User regular
edited December 2012 in Games and Technology
So, I picked up the Splinter Cell series on the cheap during the latest Steam sale. I remember them as fun in a puzzle sort of way. And when I played the first game again, it was still true. Chaos Theory however, did not age particularly well.

The worst is a glitchy, weird AI that randomly detects your presence. A lack of transition animations means NPCs move like robots. Some enemies you can fire a silenced pistol right next to their heads and they won't hear you (even with the sound tolerance gauge at zero), others will pick up your sound up from across the map. You can let your pistol/rifle sights reach 100% and still miss, often within the same room as your target. The CQC system is abysmal in comparison to games like Metal Gear or even Tenchu. Sneak up on an enemy with 100% darkness? Well too bad, if they start to turn before you can hit the grab button the world's most elite black ops agent gets shot in the head like an idiot, as grabbing is impossible from the side or front.

According to Youtube perfect stealth walkthroughs, it seems that luck is required to get a 100% rating on some missions. Yes, luck.

Are there any games you previously thought were fun, that now you find unplayable?

manwiththemachinegun on
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