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Old Video Game Webcomic

LeonardosBeardLeonardosBeard Registered User new member
A long long time ago, in a high school computer lab far away... before i happened upon the awesomeness of PA, I created this god awful collage of pictures I liked on the internet.
I've been looking all day for the webcomic that one of the images came from. I absolutely hate that I don't remember.
This image is all i have to go by. The character is a mmorpg character picking up a bear pelt I believe.

If anyone knows what this is from you can save me from a lot of self inflicted head banging.


  • Centipede DamascusCentipede Damascus Ho! Ho! Ho! Drink Coke!Registered User regular
    That's definitely the art of Ian McConville, though I am not sure whether it is from his current comic Three Panel Soul or his older work in Mac Hall.

  • LeonardosBeardLeonardosBeard Registered User new member
    Awesome! It was definitely Mac Hall. It's literally been at least 6 years since I read this comic.
    I love his art work. You don't see a lot of comic artists taking a fully colored, unlined approach.

    Also found the page the image was taken from incase anyone was interested;

  • GaslightGaslight Registered User regular
    Mac Hall remains one of my all-time favorite webcomics, and I keep hoping I'll find another like it (besides Three Panel Soul, which is a fairly different animal).

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