A Pair of Child's Play LPs - Bad Rats Pt 3 TBA / Part 2 VOD is up

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So. Back during the crazy fundraising push in the Steam Thread, I made some promises that I'm going to live to regret.

1) That I would livestream Bad Rats to completion.

2) That I would livestream ANY game in my library to completion BLIND at the choice of the community.

Both funding goals were reached (my god did you all help a lot of sick kids). As a result, I know have to torture and humiliate myself for you all. After running into some communications problems with my first Bad Rats set, I thought it might be more efficient to just have a thread for both LPs in one. So here is that thread. It'll hold the VODs, update you on when I'll be livestreaming, be the place for you all to vote on what game I play for the second LP, and be a place for you to generally laugh at my misfortunes!

I hate you all so much. If it wasn't for the Kids, I'd be planning the murder of each of you.

I will be streaming on Livestream and here is the LINK

To kick off this thread, here is the VOD of the first Bad Rats set. Make sure you stay until the end... it ends.. well... let's just say I was very angry.



WHAT: Bad Rats Part 3
WHEN: January 2nd at TBA

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    I await to glorious finish to this.

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    Ryadic wrote: »
    I await to glorious finish to this.

    and Part 2 is LIVE NOW. Newell help me DONE. VOD uploading.

    I may do more later tonight. I needed a break because screw it.

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