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Dog decided to be a jerk and rip up some carpet

BradicusMaximusBradicusMaximus PssssssssyyyyyyyyduckRegistered User regular
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My shiba and my roommate's dog got into a bit of a fight today. To help her cool down I took her to the park to walk for a couple miles. After I get back to the house, it seemed like she was still a little peeved at the other dog so I take her back to my room so she can take her usual nap on my bed while I leave the house to do some errands. Well that was a bad idea. She decided she would rather try and escape to partake in more fisticuffs. She somehow managed to tear part of the carpet behind the door to my room. After cleaning up some of the debris and laying the ripped up part of the carpet back down theres somehow a gap of about 2-3 inches long and about 1 inch wide strip missing. Trying to stretch the carpet seemed like a futile effort but I really didn't have much time to mess with it as I had to leave for work. I'm pretty handy when it comes to house work so I've been reading about cutting a strip from the closet carpet and splicing it on to the missing strip. If anyone has any tips on this before I get started on it tomorrow that would be awesome. Should I only need carpet tape and some sort of glue? Is this fix gonna look like shit? I imagine as long as I get the measurements right and the placement correct it won't look that bad but I've never had to do this so I don't really know.

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    LewieP's MummyLewieP's Mummy Registered User regular
    It's not too hard - the key things are the direction of the pile and good quality carpet tape. There will be a noticeable difference between the existing carpet and the carpet from the closet, just because the carpet by your door will have worn more, other than that, it's fairly straight forward, unless it is patterned carpet, even that's not too hard, it's just about matching the pattern up.

    1. Cut the existing carpet back to non-trashed carpet, keeping the edge of the cut straight - use a metal straight edge if you have one, and a Stanley knife with a carpet blade if you can get one.
    2. Check the direction of the pile - this is really important.
    3. Cut a piece of carpet from your closet slightly bigger than the hole you've just made.
    4. Match the pile direction again then place the new piece under the old piece, and re-cut the hole - going through both layers of carpet, as this will make sure the new piece fits the old piece exactly.
    5. Lift up new re-cut carpet and any stray bits of fluff/old carpet. Vacuum thoroughly.
    6. Attach carpet tape to the old carpet, letting it show in the hole you've cut.
    7. Carefully place the new section of carpet in the hole, keeping the pile direction the same, and press down over the carpet tape firmly.
    8. Vacuum again to pick up any fluff, and trim any loose fibres with scissors, don't pull them as you may undo all your hard work.

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