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TREa HD for [iPad]

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TREa HD for iPad from YeaBoing Games is a New 60 Sec Fast Paced Area
Matching Game For You High Score Hunters.

HD App Store Link

The idea is that you have to match 3 blocks of the same color
inside the "cursor" to clear the whole area.

This is the core in a nutshell:

The Blue blocks have an extra power. You can freeze the time by
clearing 8 or more Blue blocks.

TREa Gameplay Video:


The only "tutorial" you'll need is actually the game's splash screen.
It shows the 3 blocks inside the cursor and an area of 8
Blue Blocks
, which freezes the time.
You can keep the time frozen as long as you can chain consecutive moves.


TREa is a super simple one-minute-burst high score hunt.
One key element is the Time Freeze where you can chain
your moves while the blocks hang in mid air.
That's when you get the multipliers and crazy scores.

Game Center high scores are supported. The in-game high score table
shows each day's Top 5 scores.
You can send score challenges to your Game Center friends by clicking
your score and then Challenge Friends.
They get a notification when you send a challenge and if they beat
your score you'll see a Game Center notification about it.

Have Fun! :)

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Thank you for your help!

Mikko Miettinen
YeaBoing Games



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