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[M&M 3E, OOC] Issue One of Pearl City: The Attack on The Great Duchess Casino & Resort

TalonrazorTalonrazor regular
edited February 2013 in Critical Failures
The style of this game will be semi-serious, with bit of absurd Venture Brothers tossed around some good 'ole fashion action. However, I am not setting anything too much in stone. I like the game to be dynamic and evolve with the group. If the group's characters fit better in a serious world, a dark world like Watchmen, The Dark Knight or Sin City that's the direction we will take. If they are zany and colorful, we'll go with more a Venture Brothers or Marvel's Avengers take. I really want this game to center around the heroes and awesome stories, not around forcing a theme or setting on you the players. Thus, player input is critical and the city will mold around your ideas!

Pearl City


Known to many as Devil’s Den, Pearl was founded as a railroad boomtown and quickly became a vice-town as a place for cattle-drivers and railroad labors to relax and spend money. As the railroad moved past Pearl, it sought to increase its reputation as the “Greatest place for Dice and Vice!” It gained a reputation as a rough-and-bawdy town, a place to prove that you can hold your own.A gold rush near Pearl saw increased development in the city, followed by a discovery of oil. Pearl continued to develop as a good-time town. Then, during the Great Depression, the city got hit hard. Most of its resorts and hotels closed, casinos boarded up. The city’s economy plummeted. It survived by the petroleum industry, limping through the Great Depression. As the economy begun to pick up during World War II and oil demands rose, a massive push to revitalize Pearl’s economy was made. The City attempted to get several large factories, mostly plastics production facilities, built in Pearl. The plants opened and workers streamed in. Pearl’s places of sin re-opened. All during World War II, Pearl began to reclaim its throne as the City of Vices. Then the War ended. With the War gone, the plants closed their doors and many of the workers moved away to start new, post-war lives. As the 50s and “small-town” suburbia America arrived, Pearl found itself being left behind. Matters were made worse when the oilfields dried up and the petroleum industry moved on. The city sunk into a deep depression. The economy slumped and once again the City started to dry up.

The City desperately tried new things to boost its dying economy. A major campaign was launched in the 60s and 70s that advertised the City’s “Relaxing Atmosphere”. It tried to cater to the new Hippie Culture and indeed there was some success. A large movement started, with the popular Westgreen Valley “hippie park” being its focal point. In the 80s, another push was made to prop Pearl up, this one billing its historical heritage and tourist attraction. However, the City couldn’t shake the labeling of a “cheaper, seedier Las Vegas”. It was always seen as the city that didn't quite make it. As one travel magazine stated, “This pearl turned out to be a fake”. However, a new economy was starting to rise up, one of illegal narcotics. As the rather large criminal underworld of Pearl saw demands for drugs increase, they were quick to capitalize on Pearl’s corrupt and weak law enforcement, the proximity to good border crossings and the major transportation hub that Pearl is. A powerful drug trade emerged. Pearl served as a point of distributing drugs that were smuggled in from the borders.Even though Pearl was a corrupt, twisted city, organized crime didn't seem to take a hold. Several times, the Mafia attempted to gain control of Pearl’s flow of drugs but was fought off by local criminal syndicates. In the 80s and during the Mafia’s waning years in the 90s, it managed to get a good grasp on activities but still Pearl’s criminal underworld was mostly ran by biker gangs and local syndicates. The late 90s saw heavy rises in street gangs as they attempted to control the drugs, prostitution and heavy gambling that was rampant in the city.

Today, Pearl serves as shaded beauty, a crumbling tower of former glory. Never reaching the lofty promenade it attempted to obtain, Pearl stands as a shadow of what it could have been. Fate hasn’t been kind to City and it now sits as a massive underbelly, a dark and gritty town that has tried desperately to shake that title. It is a city of mostly corrupt people and many wicked deeds. Violence is very high, as warring gangs fight for dominance. Most of the organized syndicates have left Pearl, leaving it vulnerable and in chaos. The cocaine trade, formerly controlled by the Mafia and local syndicates, is up for grabs. The biker gangs, who controlled the crystal meth labs, are starting to fall out of power as street gangs take over meth production. Gambling and prostitution is still legalized in the City and many second-rate bordellos and casinos are open on the City’s Grand Avenue. It is a dark, gritty city. TIME Magazine rated Pearl as the “#1 Most Foulest City in America”. Pearl is still a city where one can find a cheap good time. It’s still a place of the vices. Pearl still holds a reputation of being a place where you can prove your own. It is a true proving ground. A saying in Pearl goes, “If you can make it in Pearl, you can make it anywhere”. Fights, drinks, dice, needles and women can be easily found. Pearl earned its nickname “Devil’s Den”.


The World of the Hero
The world is slightly different then our own. People of extra-ordinary powers exist on Earth ever since it's beginning. These men and women possess incredible abilities that far surpass anyone's imagination. Such people have been labeled meta-humans by the community. Some meta-humans use their powers for good, others use it to gain fame and glory while a few attempt to control the Earth. Alongside the meta-humans are costumed adventurers, vigilantes with incredible talents or a simple courageous hearts. While they may not have powers, they employ techniques and gadgetry to give them in an edge. Together, these individuals are called superheroes and supervillians. Super-heroes and super-villains have been around ever since early history, creating legends and myths that surround popular culture. Great battles have waged for control of the Earth, but good has always managed to thwart evil. With the help of world governments and well-doing people, superheroes have kept the world from utter destruction. The world has been brought to the brink numerous times by the metas; Hannibal the Unstoppable, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the North Korea controlled by meta Kim-Jong Il, the brilliant and powerful Osama bin Laden. Each time, government metas, heroes or other groups have saved the world. It's just the way it is. You get used to it after awhile...

The world has grown darker and more distrusting. The time is 2016 and meta-humans face a tough chapter in their history. Governments have begun to distrust beings with incredible powers. Fat men who talk in long speeches have passed more and more laws to limit these meta-humans. In some parts of the world, supers have been heavily restricted or outright banned. Some countries have ruled that all supers are governmental property. The idea of metas existing alongside humanity is beginning to be eroded away. While groups of metas protest their rights are be taken away, still large privacy and social rights groups demand that metas be regulated and controlled. In this social chaos more and more metas begin their campaigns for global domination. With some heroes regulated or even losing interest in the fight, villains are making inroads. Violence is escalating, the world seems darker still.

In the US, the country is facing a turbulent presidential election. Here, supers face only limited laws, requiring charters to act as a citizen constable. Even here, enemies of the supers are amassing in great numbers and rumors spread. Laws keep coming to the Senate floor to restrict the supers even more. Bills requiring supers charters to only work in their chartered. legal territory are argued over and debated ad nausea. Fear-mongering organizations hype any mistake supers make. Some believe that the supers' greatest enemy could be the political arena. The gathering of all superheroes in North America, largest organization of meta-humans and costumed adventurers in the world, is starting to take a more active role in politics. The Altruist Kinship is sending lobbyists to Congress as the supers watch the political scene, particularly the election, with a careful eye. Canidates are forming opinions and staking claims in the arena of meta-humans as opinion polls show America heavily divided on the issue.

In Pearl City, the well-liked superhero team known as The Lightkeepers has managed to obtain a charter in the largest and most prestigious circuit of the superhero world; New York City. With the announced departure of the competent Lightkeepers team, Pearl City has erupted into a fresh wave of crime. The Smile Syndicate and the Russian Mafia battle each other for terrortial control of the many Pearl casinos while they attempt to regain power of the lucrative drug trade from the street and biker gangs. Small-time meta-villains plague banks and casinos while at night, soldiers from the aristocratic vampire families and gangs of wulvers war over the city. Meanwhile, a corrupt police force and a puppet city government spin the city deeper into debt and ruin.

Taking over this charter is a new group of meta-humans and costumed adventures. They are up-and-coming heroes, finally getting a shot as real official superheroes. The charter runs along half of Pearl City and the outlying areas. It is not a popular charter. There are little rewards, few publicity shots and what seems to be an ungrateful city. The other half is under charter by another superhero team, the morally ambiguous Devil's Hounds. They face many challenges and obstacles in a crime-ridden city whose citizens aren't as enamored of supers like most of the world is. This is their chance to make it big in the superhero circuit, to make a real difference. Will they succeed? Or will they succumb to temptations, power, and greed?

This is a world where bank guards carry machine guns and hotdog vendors strap on Kevlar and carry a Glock. This a world where construction companies are on standby to repair damage from a massive meta battle downtown. This is a world where the paranormal is normal and the weird is average.

Welcome to Pearl City.


Allies and Foes

Altruist Kinship
The massive assembly of meta-humans and costumed adventurers that provides a unified voice to all chartered constables within North America. Almost all chartered groups are members of the Kinship, sending representatives to the yearly meeting. Each superhero group has a Delegate that votes for the group in the Kinship. The charters are gathered under eleven different regions. Each region elects it's Cord, usually a powerful meta-human. The Eleven Cords are the prime policy makers of the Kinship and often travel to Washington to make the Kinship's voice heard. Each Cord serves for seven years. Overseeing the Cords is the Patron, the leader and representative of all metas and costumed adventures. Ever since the Kinship formed in the early 1700s, the Patron has been the all-powerful Oldfather. The Altruist Kinship takes the role of powerful pro-super lobby, union, legal advocacy, health insurance, training and more for superheroes. Dues are paid for by all members. Almost always, membership in the Kinship is required for hiring of superheroes.

Smile Syndicate
Smile Syndicate's main business plan is to move into an area and quickly eliminate criminal leadership with brutal and rapid contracted killings. They then begin to expand by hiring muscle and buying out the arms market in that area. The Syndicate moves in heavy weapons and specialists in an area of major resistance. Once they have an infrastructure in place, they pull off several high-profile crimes to intimidate local merchants. The Syndicate then moves into territory, establishes extortion rackets and snaps up business. The Syndicate tries to control the drug and arms trade, with extortion being the third priority. In drugs, the Syndicate mostly deals in cocaine and ecstasy. They attempt to control it via extortion of local street gangs and dealers. In arms trade, they provide local gangs with imported heavy hardware who franchise themselves to the Syndicate. Criminals and gangs who resist get destroyed by extremely well-armed and armored foot soldiers. They are well-known for their yellow suit-and-tie wearing henchmen with smiling face masks.

Organized Crime
The Russian and Italian mafias are present, controlled by their local families. The Russians are mostly focused on control and extortion of the massive casinos. The Italians are attempting to dominate the drug trade. A group of businessmen and casino owners, the Union of Lights, exploit financial and white collar crimes. Meta-humans are employed by all the groups.

Street Gangs
Street gangs plague the city. Biker gangs still control the meth production and sales, while anarchists firebomb government buildings and vehicles disappear for chop shops. Some mutant groups roam the streets, finding and killing metas as often as they can. There are also rumors of Lycan Clans, werewolf packs that are vicious and untamed.

Political Organizations
Organization of Helpful Concerned Citizens is a worldwide pro-supers group. The American-based OHCC is the most powerful legal rights association for meta-humans. Its members include both metas and normal humans. OHCC has been in thousands of legal battles for metas and provides free legal defense for all chartered meta-human groups. They also aid the Kinship in political lobbying.

People's Movement of the Ordinary is a rabid, extremist group who has called for complete and total banishment of all supers and mutants. Some have said that the PMO is calling for genocide of a species but the PMO maintains it simply does not want Meta-humans to exist alongside normal humans. The Global Liberty Watch and Privacy Protection Association are also anti-super groups. The GLW and PPA are worldwide watchdog groups who claims that supers interfere with private liberties of others. They both lobby for increased restrictions and regulations. Other anti-super groups include ACLU, Amnesty International, and Human Rights Watch; they all maintain that metas infringe on human rights and civil liberties for humans.

Department of Meta Affairs
A cabinet-level position created in 1984, the Department of Meta Affairs is a large department that handles all meta-human services. They grant charters, provide legal services, mop-up the aftermath of a meta-human battle and generally act as the public governmental handler for supers. They are also responsible for policing out-of-line metas, tracking dangerous villains and handing the general registration services. They compete with the newly created Department of Homeland Security for their law enforcement and security related duties, with several agencies recently transferred over to DHS.

National Extraordinary Incident Agency
The NEIA, once an agency of DMA, is under the Department of Homeland Security. They are a small, fairly unknown agency that deals with direct and indirect action against and for meta-humans. They keep intelligence records of meta-humans, conduct research, assist superhero groups in defeating villains and gather intelligence on belligerent meta-humans. They work closely with NSA, CIA, FBI and the Armed Forces.

Devil's Hounds
The other superhero team, the Devil's Hounds have a charter that runs through about 55% of the City. Led by Mistress Shade, the Hounds have been surrounded in a number of controversies regarding them and accepting bribes from the Pearl City Police Department. They have a harsh, bleak form of justice, often accidentally killing individuals and causing substantial damage to the city. The Kinship has passed three resolutions condemning acts by the Hounds but the group still maintains its charter and membership

Dominion Society
This group is a collection of villains and is considered the counter-part of the Kinship. They employ their own foot-soldiers and can provide support and assistance to member villains. Numerous attempts to bring down and dismantle the Dominion Society have failed. The Society always seems to be one step ahead of any government or meta-human attempts to bring them down. Some believe that the Society is actually tolerated since it regulates and controls its members more carefully than non-regulated villains.

There are 638,918 souls within the limits of Pearl City. How many will you save?

Game starts on Monday! Review what you need to do!
The Beacons

The Raven - Mikey CTS
Alternate Identity (Secret): Lillith Noire
Powers: Fear, Shadow
Age: Unknown

Graviton - Captain Carrot
Alternate Identity (Secret): Amanda Simmons
Powers: Gravity Control
Age: Unknown

Captain Science - spacecaptaindickjustice
Alternate Identity: Raz
Powers: Cosmic Energy Control
Age: Unknown

Champion - zekebeau
Alternate Identity: Calloway King
Powers: Brawler
Age: Unknown

Tickets - doomybear
Alternate Identity: None
Powers: Regenerating Shapeshifter
Age: N/A

Crimson Justice - jdarksun
Alternate Identity: Freddie "The Tooth" Barbaro
Powers: Magical Battlesuit
Age: Unknown

Glenn Miller - Zandracon
Alternate Identity: None
Powers: Master Nanite Thief
Age: Unknown

IC Thread!

Talonrazor on


  • HEY


    I LOVE M&M

    I got some ideas

    might use my old Orion concept from another game that was planned but never got used

  • jdarksunjdarksun Scion of Chaos regular
    Expressing interest even though my M&M book is the wrong edition, because I STILL REMEMBER Life After, because it was awesome.

  • Man, Life After was the other one I was debating starting back up. That game could have been incredible.

  • Told myself my PbP days were done, at least until the summer.

    Seems like some promises you just can't keep ... and those are the best kind!
    [/Amazing Spiderman]

    I've got a book of the proper edition, but a friend has it. I'll use the link for now, but I can get the book back in the next week or two.

  • Captain CarrotCaptain Carrot Alexandria, VA regular
    Got a good story for why my character wants in, now I just have to figure out what she can do.

  • jdarksunjdarksun Scion of Chaos regular
    I am thinking about some sort of Battlesuit-type, an ex-villain seeking redemption. Redemption (Acceptance?) as a Motivation, Reputation as a (...well, the second) Complication.

  • Very interested. Never played M&M before, but I hear good things about it and I love me some supers.

  • Okay, stumbled across "Temporal Intertia" as a power. It says that if the time stream is changed, I (and I alone) remember the true history of things.

    Guess what the true history of things was? STEAMPUNK VEGAS.

    Also my dude was a mechanic, a "gremlin" of the era. I should have stats done in a day or two.

  • Another game I wish I could play. I'll be looking over your shoulders with interest.

  • Holy shit Grimmy, I didn't realize you still kicked around these parts. I remember you joining and playing Life After.

  • Mikey CTSMikey CTS The Fool regular
    edited January 2013
    I am very interested in this. I'll draw up a character and submit it.

    Edit: Just a heads up, this would be my first ever pbp experience but I love Mutants & Masterminds and this sounds like a really cool setting.

    Mikey CTS on
    // PSN: wyrd_warrior //
  • Talonrazor wrote: »
    Holy shit Grimmy, I didn't realize you still kicked around these parts. I remember you joining and playing Life After.

    Hi TR -- yeah, I'm still around fairly regularly. Trying not to spread myself too thin, though this is pretty tempting.

  • -Background-
    Often called a "gremlin" by other inhabitants of his timeline, Steam Wright found himself in this strange new world one day. He longs to return home to his family and lady love and his job... well, maybe his job is a bit cooler in this timeline than in the other one. After all, being a superhero is way cooler than being an airship mechanic. He is a bit short (perhaps a bit shy of five feet), and he has pointed ears and sharp teeth. This makes a secret identity troublesome, but he can be inconspicuous when the need arises.

    Steam Wright is from an alternate timeline where technology went along a different path - the path of steam, not coal. His superhero codename is "Steam Wright," which was his job title. Something happened to shunt him into this particular timeline, and he's trying to figure out a way to get home. He specializes in building devices quickly, and his kind has the ability to communicate via radio waves.

    Coming soon!

    -Recent Victory-
    Recently, Steam Wright found himself locked in battle with a new high tech villain by the name of d'Auger. Well, he found himself trying to deposit his paycheck at the bank, then a joker with golden power armor busted into the place, deployed a low power EMP, and proceeded to try and walk away with the bank's stash of gold. D'Auger made a pretty long speech to the customers of the bank while taking the gold, talking about the moochers and looters of society, and how we all needed to learn our place, and that the true wealth of the world - gold - all belonged to him.

    He gave the speech just long enough for the gremlin to get his gauntlet working again and charged up, then blasted the villain. If there was one thing the guy in the power armor wasn't expecting, it was facing down a fellow high-tech hero after deploying the EMP. Witnesses later told police that the short man with the pointy ears approached bank staff, made sure they were okay, then made his deposit and took off on some kind of motorcycle. It left a big cloud of steam behind, and the strangest thing is, it didn't smell like a gas or diesel cloud.

    Good afternoon, to whom it may concern! My name is Ivars Krumins, but you may have seen me on the news lately as Steam Wright! See, I want to be a superhero because I think I can do good with my inventions along with my other talents. I invented an awesome motorcycle that runs on steam, and a cool gauntlet that can blast bad guys with ... well, some form of energy, I guess. Still trying to pinpoint exactly what it is!

    Okay, so maybe that's not the only reason I want to join up. I know this might sound weird to you guys, but this future wasn't meant to be! Well, not so much future as present, but things weren't supposed to be this way. Smog clouds and jet engines? I mean, some of your tech is cool and all, but in reality steam power is so clean and efficient we don't need this other stuff. I figure if I'm going to return the world back to normal, I need to hang out with superheroes, because stuff like that happens to you guys all the time, right?

    So maybe I'm not cut out to be a Lightkeeper just yet, but I hear you're needing some help in Pearl City. Just so happens I'm from there! Well, not this Pearl City, but you get the idea.

  • Just went back and re-read Life After. That was some great stuff, TR. Pity it died (and it has been hit by the jdarksun effect, so there are some missing posts).

    I'll stop cluttering up your thread now.

  • I really want to start it again, using Fate Core. My idea of using d20 Modern was horrible, it slowed it down way too much. I had so much planned for that game. I really want to try it again, as a large-scale game that players can drop in and out of. Maybe get a Co-GM to help run it. One day....!

  • Mikey CTSMikey CTS The Fool regular
    edited January 2013
    Lillith Noire aka The Raven


    (This is a place holder till I finish my sketch of the character, but this is pretty close to the image in my head.)

    Fear - the driving force behind the human condition. People are afraid of so many things and who can blame them. We're fragile creatures, after all. Mostly people fear what they don't understand. My parents were junkies. When a demonic cult offered to feed their addiction in exchange for joining their rituals, I was the end result. My adoptive father kidnapped me, stole me away from the dark forces responsible for my being. But that's not important, he tells me. What is important is that I have a choice to make. Will I give in to the demonic aspect of my nature, or will I rise above it, channel the darkness to make room for the light?

    Age: 18
    Race: Human - Caucasion(?)
    Height: 5'4
    Weight: 109 lbs.

    Likes - Baking, reading
    Dislikes - Being called a sidekick

    Lillith was the product of a sinister ritual performed by a demonic cult. After her birth, Sorcerer Supreme the Doctor kidnapped her from the cult with the intent of sending her back into the darkness. He took pity and brought the child into his home to raise and carefully monitor. Sickly and weak despite a immeasurable natural talent for the arcane arts, he trained her to make her body strong and taught her how to harness her powers. Upon coming of age, she donned the Raven mantel and joined her adoptive father as his sidekick. Now she's looking to establish her own identity.

    Power Source - Sorcerous
    Powers - Manipulation of fear, illusory darkness, concealment

    The Raven's backstory

    PL 9 - 135pts

    Motivation: Acceptance

    Lillith only recently learned the truth about her birth and is bitterness over her adoptive father's deception. Though she still loves her father, her injury from this revelation has forced her to leave and sign-up with the Altruist Kinship. Being near him, and still very angry, just reminded her of his deceit and her true origins. She now has a deep-seated subconscious need to be recognized and accepted as human.

    Complication: Secret

    Lillith doesn't want the public or her new allies to become aware of her demonic origins, fearing potential rejection and possible loss of her humanity.

    She maintains a secret identity, though would suffer little from its revelation as she has no family, other than her father who needs no protection, or friends who might suffer from her identity being revealed. Maintaining a secret identity also feeds into her need for acceptance, allowing her to walk among the normal population without constant hounding by the media.

    -ABILITIES- 60pts
    STR 2 AGI 4 FGT 6 AWR 6
    STA 3 DEX 3 INT 3 PRE 3

    -POWERS- 24pts
    Commlink * 1pt
    Costume: Protection 2 * 2pts

    Utility Belt: Equipment Array 7pts
    * Binoculars * 1pt
    * Cutting Torch * 1pt
    * Flashlight * 1pt
    * Grapple Gun: Movement (Swinging) 1 * 2pt
    * Multitool * 1pt
    * Restraints * 1pt

    Mystic Senses: Senses (Magical Awareness, Radius) 2 * 2pts

    Shadow Sorcery: Array 20pts
    * Shadow Illusions: Illusion (All Visual and Auditory) 4 and Ranged Damage 4 (Resisted by Will) * 20pt
    * Induce Fear: Selective Area Burst Affliction (Dazed, Stunned, Incapacited, resisted by Will) 6 * 1pts
    * Fade Away: Affects Others Concealment (All Visual and Auditory) 5 * 1pt

    -ADVANTAGES- 16pts
    Attractive, Defensive Roll 3, Fearless, Equipment 2, Ranged Attack 5, Ritualist, Takedown, Trance, Uncanny Dodge

    -SKILLS- 23pts
    Acrobatics 4 (+8), Athletics 4 (+8), Expertise: Magic 6 (+9), Insight 4 (+10), Intimidation 4 (+7), Investigation 6 (+9) Perception 4 (+10), Sleight of Hand 4 (+8), Stealth 4 (+8), Unarmed Combat 2 (+8), Vehicle 4 (+7)

    -DEFENSES- 12pts
    Dodge 8
    Parry 8
    Fortitude 6
    Toughness 8
    Will 9

    Initiative +4
    Unarmed Attack +8 Close, Damage 2
    Induce Fear - Selective Area, Affliction DC 16 (Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated; Resisted by Will)
    Shadow Illusions +8 Ranged, Damage 4 (Resisted by Will)

    -Recent Victory-
    The Raven VS the Cult of Osiris
    A rash of stolen antiquities had caught the attention of the Raven. After a bit of research she found the link. Each of the stolen items - a jeweled brooch, a Necronomicon, and a staff of Ra - related back an Egyptian cult of the god of the afterlife, Osiris. With these items the lore says that they could bind death. They were still missing a key component, though - the Eye of Osiris, which just happen to be on display at the Pearl City Museum of Natural History.

    The Raven carefully cased the museum, waiting for signs of her prey. Upon spotting them, she laid in ambush to for the proper moment to strike. As the Cult of Osiris attempted to use a crowbar to break in around back, the Raven saw her opportunity. She leapt down, pouncing upon one of three from above. Taking advantage of their shock, she delivered a round house heel to the gut of the second. The final one armed with the crowbar raised it to strike her down, which she narrowly blocked. Drawing upon her arts, her eyes began to glow behind her hood and she erupted in shreiking darkness with a horrible face. When the police arrived, they found the Cult all bound together, one of them catatonic from fright.

    For your consideration,

    My name is Lillith Noire. As you are aware, my father, the Sorcerer Supreme The Doctor, is a celebrated member of your prestigous order. When demonic, arcane forces threaten, his knowledge and mastery of the Secret World continues to be invaluable to your organization.

    As his heir apparent, my father has raised and trained me in the sorcerous arts. In time, I am to claim his title of Sorcerer Supreme as his replacement. Until such a time as he is ready to retire, I wish to offer my services and abilities to you, the Altruist Kinship, that I may assist with protect the citizens of Pearl City as the Raven.

    In considering my application, I hope that my pedigree will not influence your decision making. Despite that I am my father's daughter, I expect no nepitism nor cronyism in debating my entrance. I wish to establish my own identy while respecting my father's legacy. As the Raven, I've battled sinister cults, combated cyclopean giants, and sealed dimensional rifts. I've worked with your league as the Doctor's sidekick for years, so you are well aware of my talent and potential. My deeds and abilities alone should speak to my worth in potential entry of your fine institution.

    I hope that you will find me a worthy candidate for the Altruist Kinship.

    Thank you,

    Lillith Noire aka The Raven

    Mikey CTS on
    // PSN: wyrd_warrior //
  • Captain CarrotCaptain Carrot Alexandria, VA regular
    edited January 2013
    Amanda Simmons/Graviton

    1. My brother and I were raised by our aunt Martha; Dad disappeared before we were born, and Mom died a few years later, shot in a meaningless gang war. Martha taught us to respect each other, and the world, but she didn't take us away from the city without any respect. I think she believed it could be redeemed. Maybe so, but it would take a lot more than her and a couple of kids to do it. We got through high school, but that was it; no money for college, so Jake went with the Hounds after he graduated.

    2. You know how a few metas use fire, or ice, or lightning? Gravity's my business, and I use it well. Sure, I can't throw much of a punch, and even with my powers I don't really do damage, but I'm excellent at controlling the field. See, your average thug doesn't do well when he's floating, and usually can't handle having his weight suddenly tripled either. Still working on getting two singularities up at once, unfortunately, since one takes a fair amount of focus to sustain.

    STR 1
    STA 2
    DEX 3
    AGI 4
    AWE 6
    INT 6
    FGT 4
    PRE 4

    cost: 60 points

    Fort: 2+7=9
    Tough: 2(6)=8
    Will: 6+3=9
    Dodge: 4+5=9
    Parry: 4+5=9

    cost: 20 points

    Acrobatics 6
    Athletics 4
    Close Combat 2
    Deception 4
    Expertise: Physics 6
    Expertise: Devil's Hounds Personnel/Operation/Tactics 4
    Insight 2
    Investigation 2
    Persuasion 4
    Ranged Combat: Gravity Control 6
    Sleight of Hand 2

    cost: 21 points

    Attractive (2)
    Precise Attack 2 (Ranged, cover and concealment)

    cost: 5 points

    Gravity Control 9, 20 points
    Ranged Affliction 9 (tripling someone's weight|hindered/prone/incapacitated) 18 points
    Flight 5 1 point
    Move Object 5 (area) 1 point
    Immunity (gravity) 2 points
    Protection 6
    Gravitic Awareness

    cost: 29 points


    4. I was just out walking when I saw a few thugs in a back alley, one of them wearing a suit of armor and proclaiming himself the Modern Crusader, sent to cleanse Pearl City of the heretics and sinners. He saw me and screamed that I was dressed far too immodestly (denim skirt and a camisole under a partially buttoned flannel shirt); I didn't have the patience to deal with the jackass politely, so I just lifted him about thirty feet and waited. He calmed down a little, but still insisted that I return home and put on a full dress. I just walked away, and stopped holding him up. Maybe the crash knocked some brains back in; I know it knocked a bone or two out of his cronies.
    My name is Amanda Simmons, and until two weeks ago, I was a Hound. I joined because of my brother; he's been in there for five years now, and he kept telling me that the Hounds were the only ones willing to crack down on the scum of Pearl City. I wasn't so sure about that, but it didn't seem like I had much of an option, since the Lightkeepers abandoned us and the police don't allow metas. So I signed up, and for a while I thought I was making a real difference. Sure, sometimes we screwed up, sometimes people got killed, even Hounds, but accidents happen, and our area of the city was getting safer.

    I was with my lieutenant and the rest of the squad when we heard about a bomb at the old steel mill, dug down where it'd wreck water and sewage pipes, not to mention electricity. Nothing life-threatening, you think, but when the faucets don't run, the toilets don't flush, and there's no heat or power, tempers can fray pretty quickly. We hustled on down, and found that it was worse than we thought: there were some street kids in the place, God knows why. It wasn't going to be easy keeping them safe while we took out the bomb, but we had to try.

    Except Blackshot, the louie, didn't. He told me to lift it out, and then he blasted it. Wasn't a full explosion, didn't hit any of the pipes, but it knocked the stuffing out of all of us, and those kids never had a chance. When I saw their bodies, I let him have it. Told him he didn't deserve to be a Hound, that we were supposed to protect the people, not blow them up. He slugged me. Collateral damage, he said. Part of the job, and if I didn't like it, I could quit.

    And I did. Walked away right there, said to hell with the Devil's Hounds. Nobody's perfect, but Blackshot isn't even good. I need more than that, and so does the city. You're building something that stands for safety, protection, and justice - I want to be a part of that.

    Captain Carrot on
  • SolarSolar regular
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    Hey Talonrazer

    are you cool with a character being from some sort of Hollow Earth style forgotten ancient kingdom?

    Like a cross betweem Barsoom, Atlantis, the Savage Land and Asgard

    I had a cool idea a while back where I played a Namor style prince of said kind of place and I just thought I'd ask if I could use it this time

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    oops double post

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    OK this game looks awesome and I need to get in on it. I've played some Savage Worlds and Rogue Trader before but not this particular game and I've never played anything PbP. Also this might be a bit long I keep having ideas and I like writing stories.
    EDIT - sorry that wall of text was nasty
    EDIT2- added some fluffy descriptions for his super science powers
    Captain Science

    In the most remote part of Borneo, far into the jungle lies a sight a select few in the world have witnessed. The Conclave of the Warrior-Scientists, a technological paradise built into the walls of a chasm that spears many tens of miles into the Earth's crust and obscured from overhead view by massive trees easily 200 metres tall. Despite the complete lack of light afforded by the trees, the city somehow still experiences a day/night cycle identical to that of the outside world. It is from this wondrous place that the secretive Warrior-Scientists hail. A small group of around 10,000 dedicated to the pursuit of both scientific advancement and martial skills, endeavouring to master both the mind and the body. Despite possessing technology decades - perhaps centuries - ahead of anything contemporary Earth has to offer the Warrior-Scientists prefer to remain aloof, perhaps rightly. Much of the technology developed in the city's Forge-Labs could be used to science millions of people to death in more....irrational hands. This was the culture Raz Jaxxar belonged to. Trained and taught from before birth, Raz was among the foremost of his people. Using the twin arts of mega science and wicked sick Bojutsu skills he achieved great feats, from the curing of Tannenn's Plague to the capture and subsequent detainment of the 3rd dimension of an entire crew of extradimensional space bandits. Raz was living the high life, until bad things happened. It was an experiment he had been planning for decades, to transcend the physical form into a pure energy state - an incorporeal consciousness free from physical anchors.

    Set up in the Forge-Lab assigned to Raz were dizzying arrays of hyperdimensional processing arrays, stacks of quantum storage tesseracts and more, all interlinked with masses of crystalline thread. In addition, every machine in the room was linked by the same crystalline thread to a man-sized transparent box in the centre of the room. Owing to Raz's intellect and somewhat esoteric methods of performing experiments, the majority of the observers thought nothing of the fact that when he entered the room and strode toward the box, he was naked apart from his trusty Bo staff - always with him, and a large bottle tucked into a pouch on his chest labelled Super-LSD (combination psychotropic and nootropic to expand the consciousness and ease transition. Also he does love tripping balls). Standing proudly in the box, man jewels on show for the admiring public, Raz shouted 'FOR SCIENCE!', took a swig of his magic juice and performed the hand gesture that would initiate the transformation - a bit like Minority Report but way cooler. What happened in the next few seconds was unexpected to say the least. First, Raz wasn't there. Then, Raz was never there; the observers sat in the room were left wondering what they were doing there, who had set up the equipment in the Forge-Lab and what was that godawful smell of doom? That didn't last for long as finally, noone was there. The Forge-Lab, the city and the surrounding 70 square miles of rainforest just evaporated into weird physics and strange angles, leaving the fabric of reality in that particular area creased like an old shirt. The Warrior-Scientists were wiped out. By science.

    Or they would have been had a ragged old man not coalesced into existence in one of the dark back alleys of Devil's Den exactly 3 days, 14 hours, 15 minutes, 9 seconds and 26 milliseconds after the catastrophe in Borneo. Glancing at him you would think he were just one of the city's wretched homeless, that large bottle with the torn label he's clutching no doubt containing some foul moonshine before he drank it. On closer inspection however, you would see that the rags he is clothed in writhe around his body unnaturally, hurting your eyes as they seem to fold into places that shouldn't exist. What looks like his battered old walking cane is such a deep black it seems to suck in surrounding light, warping the space around it. If you could see his eyes through the masses of hair and huge mutton chops you would see that they are not dull or hopeless, but burning with intense intelligence. And also a touch of insanity. Of course you don't glance at him at all because he's sitting on some bins alternately screaming about being a interdimensional traveller, and whispering to a seemingly imaginary character in his shirt pocket called Savage Tony. If you had stayed for a while, you would see that these mad ravings are punctuated by periods of something close to lucidity and the strange homeless man would regale you with stories of battling picosharks in the Microverse, or using his amazing science to solve the puzzle in the great Temple of Pure Reason on Sanjan VI.

    A few months later with at least some of his sanity back Raz has remembered the full details of his experiment. After performing his sciencetastic vanishing act, Raz was catapulted at random between planets, galaxies and even universes. Space and time meant nothing as he was hurled from place to strange place, sometimes staying for just a few microseconds and sometimes centuries. Inevitably he would always move on though, and never back to Earth. Not until exactly 27182818 years had passed for Raz subjectively; at this exact point he felt a tug and was back on Earth. Something had also changed, he somehow instinctively knew that he would not be taking anymore unexpected extraplanetary jaunts. Of course, so much utter disregard for the laws of physics combined with abuse of powerful psychotropic drugs is not really good for the old noggin and as a result Raz's brain is twisted through several higher dimension - mentally, physically, and metaphysically. This is a reason for the frequent breaks of seeming insanity. One of the many reasons. Raz, now calling himself Captain Science, is well aware of the destruction of his people and so with nothing better to do he started using his prodigious skills to kick ass, take names, and perform highly dangerous experiments while testing untested psychotropic compounds on himself. On the advice of the ever present pocket dweller Savage Tony, Captain Science has cut his wild hair, trimmed his unkempt beard, and sent a letter of application to the Altruist Kinship hoping to join their squad of new superheroes in Pearl in the name of science and hitting things with big sticks.

    The closest description I can come up with would be a sort of cosmic shaman who is pretty insane due to millions of years of interstellar, intergalactic, interdimensional, extradimensional travel and so on. Due to his constant travel around our universe and others Captain Science's brain has been twisted through several dimensions giving him access to cosmic powers normally unattainable to a normal person. In addition to this, his contact with innumerable alien species' around the multiverse, aswell as his own prodigious skills in engineering have allowed him to incorporate several devices into his clothing and staff which help channel the cosmic energies. For example, his staff is coated in a metal which, when subjected to a burst of cosmic energy will attain mass and density similar to that of matter from a neutron star for a fraction of a microsecond. When timed with a blow from the staff this ability can be devastating. Although seemingly old, frail and mad, Captain Science has weathered millions of years of constant upheaval thanks to the biological immortality genetically instilled in the Warrior-Scientists decades ago. Many of the places he travelled to had been touched by war at the very least, if not still completely consumed by it. It seemed violence was not just a human trait. As his biological immortality merely protects him from aging, Captain Science was forced to utilise his martial training many times. Perhaps more than his scientific chops. Do not be fooled by Captain Science's lack of anything resembling social skills and apparent insanity. Although seemingly harmless off the battlefield, as soon as there is a hint of trouble Captain Science turns into a warrior hardened by countless years of conflict. His particular martial style bares some slight resemblance to his beloved Bojutsu, but the way he moves his body and staff in painful and seemingly impossible ways leads to the conclusion that Captain Science has developed his own unique and deadly style of fighting.

    -Character Sheet-
    PL 9 - 135pts

    Motivation: Thrills
    Complication: Disability (mentally unstable)
    Complication: Quirk (regular imbibing of psychotropics)
    Complication: Quirk ('imaginary' pocket dwelling friend called Savage Tony. May be real)

    -ABILITIES- 60pts
    STR 3 +6pts
    AGI 7 +14pts
    FGT 9 +18pts
    AWR 5 +10pts
    STA 3 +6pts
    DEX 0 +0pts
    INT 8 +16pts
    PRE -5 -10pts

    -POWERS- 33pts
    Language Centre Brain Implants: Comprehend 2 (languages - speak all, understand all) +4pts
    *Millions of years of interaction with every type of sentient and higher being imaginable has taught Captain Science the importance of communication. Using implants he designed, built and surgically embedded into the language centre of his own brain Captain Science can sense the perturbations in the ambient cosmic energies caused by alpha brainwaves. The implants then interpret the brainwaves into understandable words directly into his brain. He can then communicate back in much the same way.*

    Bojutsu 3.0: Array (device-staff) 14pts
    *Throughout his travel of the multiverse Captain Science has found it necessary to develop his beloved art of Bojutsu into something more. The unique materials that make up his staff, and their strange physical properties when infused with cosmic energy allow Captain Science to unleash an array of terrible abilities against his enemies.*

    -Neutron Smash: Strike 8, Removable, Multiattack +13pts
    *Channelling the tremendous cosmic energy stored in his cells through the exotic alloy coating of his staff, Captain Science can increase its mass and density close to that of neutron star matter for a split second. By timing this with a blow from his staff he can unleash devastating attacks upon his foes. Much of Captain Science's unique fighting style revolves around unleashing multiple fast strikes in an impossibly short space of time.*

    -Quantum Shock: Weaken 7 (toughness), removable, affects objects, incurable +1pt
    *By discharging a large amount of cosmic energy into an enemy or object through a small Crystalline Quantum Inverter embedded in the tip of his staff, Captain Science can inflict a quantum 'shock', massively reducing the amount of damage that can be absorbed.*

    Cosmic Energy Control: Array 15pts
    *During his many years travelling the multiverse Captain Science engineered implants that enable him to manipulate and direct the cosmic energies which are naturally absorbed into the cells of his body.*

    -Higgs-Boson Bind: Ranged snare 3, area (burst) +12pts
    *By performing a very specific hand gesture Captain Science can use his stored up cosmic energies to project a field of super massive particles which warp gravity in strange ways around the targets' feet, hindering them.*

    -Positronic Rejuvenation: Healing 4, restorative +1pt
    *By bathing an injury in healing(?) postronic radiation projected from palm implants, Captain Science can mend some of the damage and deaden the pain considerably, allowing him to fight on. The radiation also has a side effect of ridding the body of any draining effects present.*

    -Shatterhop: Teleport 5 (900ft), change direction, change velocity +1pt
    *Named for the strange way reality seems to shatter around Captain Science as he activates this power, the Shatterhop is his unique method of teleportation. An array of implants embedded throughout his body combined with the mysterious shadow physics of the rags which wrap tightly around his form enable him to skillfully slip through the cracks between realities, only to appear nearby as if coalescing from nothing.*

    -Cosmic Flow: Absorption 10 (cosmic), bonus to Agi; Immunity 2 (Cosmic Energy) +1pt
    *Captain Science's eons of capering around the multiverse have left every cell in his body with the ability to absorb large amounts of cosmic energy. Excess absorbed energy causes his body's metabolism to kick into overdrive, allowing almost prescient agility.*

    -ADVANTAGES- 15pts
    Close Attack 1, Uncanny Dodge, Defensive Roll 5, Improved Initiative 1, Fearless, Eidetic Memory, Quick Draw, Move-by Action, Improvised Tools, Benefit 2 - Undiscovered/Dead Civilisation (I'm thinking something like the Cipher benefit which gives -5 per rank to all circumstance rolls concerning investigation against Captain Science)

    -SKILLS- 15pts
    Acrobatics 8(+7)=15
    Expertise (science) 8(+8)=16
    Insight 4(+5)=9
    Perception 2(+5)=7
    Technology 8(+8)=16

    -DEFENSES- 12pts
    Dodge 7+3=10
    Parry 9+1=10
    Fortitude 3+4=7
    Toughness 3+0=3/8 (+5 Defensive Roll)
    Will 5+4=9

    Unarmed Attack +10 close, damage 3
    Neutron Smash +10 close, multiattack, removable, damage 8 (NOT strength-based), DC23
    Quantum Shock +10 close, weaken DC17 (toughness), incurable, removable (resisted by fortitude)
    Higgs-Boson Bind ranged area (burst) snare (cumulative affliction (hindered, immobilised), extra condition (vulnerable, defenceless), limited degree) (resisted by dodge)
    Positronic Rejuvenation +4 close healing, restorative (restores character points removed by weaken)

    Initiative +11

    -Recent Victory-
    One day while Captain Science was performing his daily morning lecture to the rats of the 4th St. bins, using orange peels and rusty nails to explain the vagaries of the grand unifying theory he was accosted by a group of very strange men. What made them very strange was their dimensions, or rather lack of them. The extradimensional space bandits. Somehow they had escaped their negaspherical prison at the centre of the Earth when the Conclave was destroyed, and they were pretty pissed. With a sound not unlike that of a snake slithering over cheese, the group engulfed Captain Science with their unnatural flatness and disappeared into a hyperspatial pocket.

    Exploding into existence inside the pocket dimension Captain Science faced down the 5 bandits and prepared for battle. With agility unexpected for such a frail form the homeless cosmic hero burst into action, swinging his staff in a mighty arc whilst redirecting the cosmic energy stored in the cells of his body into the science metal of the staff, causing its aura of darkness to expand somewhat. As the staff impacted one of the bandits an odd sound was heard, not unlike the sound of a Beatles record playing backwards and also sideways. The 2D wiseguy was instantly shattered into fractals, the staff continuing on to destroy an additional two of his compatriots. As the remaining two bandits watched in horror as the mathematical constants that made up the majority of their crew floated off into the undistance a troubling thought came to Captain Science. Due to the nature of the pocket these bandits had trapped him in, he was absorbing cosmic energy at a much lower rate than usual, as if there was less of it in the surrounding infinispace. Apparently they've planned this out a little. He'd used the majority of his cosmic energy on that mighty strike and still needed some to get back to normal space, so the use of super science powers was unwise. Instead, as the two 2D bandits turned back towards Captain Science, ready to be smote, instead of bashing their stupid faces in he sat down and began to talk.

    "Now I am going to tell you why you cannot exist..." he began,

    An hour later, the final syllables of the perfect mathematical language of the Algebrons rolled off Captain Science's tongue. At the same time a single tear rolled down the cheek of one of the 2D bandits. And then they were gone, proved out of existence.

    "Well that was stupid," Captain Science muttered to himself, and folded himself out of the hyperspatial pocket with a flourish of his hand. He looked at his watch, back just in time to teach the afternoon class on advanced Robotic Engineering and Intelligent Haptic Systems.

    Captain Science readied the assorted pieces of rusty cutlery and used condoms he had bought as teachers aids and began to teach. The row of empty cans balanced on the wall at which Captain Science was furiously teaching listened intently.

    -Letter of Application-
    Hellllooooo, I am writing letter this on the advisement of my pocket dweller Savage Tony. I would very much like to put myself forward for a membership in your elite organisation. Once, either 27 million years ago, or 7 months ago I was a member of a highly secretive group whos technological achievements could not be matched, let alone surpassed in this generation and whos martial skill was unquestionable. They're all gone now, exploded into mathematical oblivion by some guy..... He wasn't me. Anyway, the 'incident' caused me to be set adrift in space and time and universes for millions of years (subjective to me (I think)). Due to this I have an eclectic knowledge of war and awesome science which I would be more than happy to direct at whatever target you point me at. You may think having a haggard, old, (slightly) insane homeless looking man working for you would be a bad thing but no, it isn't! Think about it, I live on the streets so I can be at any incidents quicksmart, I have no family or friends to protect (apart from Savage Tony of course), and who would expect a superhero to have an alter ego who is both homeless and a bit stinky. Also the Queen of the Boolea Cluster honored me with the highest of the hyperlogic honors, the Triple OR for my deeds on the war torn fields on the planets of 10-GO and TO-20, that must count for something. I'm pretty bored to be honest please take me please.

    Toodle pip, Captain Science (Dictated by Savage Tony)

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    1. Character name and biography.

    Calloway King AKA Champion, current MMB [Mixed Meta Brawl] middle weight champion, has never shyed from the cameras. He's a favorite son of Pearl City, grown up from the rough and tumble street. He was a kid on the wrong side of the law until Florence O'Malley saw his potential. It wasn't the hard skin or qick footwork Calloway showed, but his keen mind and insight into what was going on around him. As a youth, he could see all the angles and was likely on his way to a high level syndicate position had Flo [who hates that nickname] not taken him into the ring. There, he learned to sharpen his wits and harden his fists. But he still saw the angles, and saw that any brick can knock a blaster out. If he wanted to get big, he needed to knock em out with style!

    So he built himself up as bigger than life, got some of the others to mug for the camera to create "bitter rivals" and soon got his face on so many t-shirts and protein shakes he was set for life. As long as he had attention, he had money, and he felt strong.

    But who gets even more press, even more t-shirts? Superheros. So Calloway retired from the game and is now pushing to get in a charter. It should also boost his chances for a reality TV show.

    2. Character Summary.

    An unarmed brawler from the streets turned entertainer extrodinare. Tough, quick, and more than able to sweet talk anyone who walks by.

    Motivation: Attention [He loves to be in a spotlight]
    Complication: Famous [Fears anything ruining his reputation or his merchandise sales]
    Complication: Temper [Focused on those who would cheat or break their word. While Champion has plenty of bluster and white lies, once he says "I promise" it is unbreakable.]
    Relationship: Florence O'Mally, my trainer and mentor. Shecky "The Shill" Shillenski, my agent and PR specialist.

    3. Character sheet.

    Any who can, tell me if I've made a mistake, I'm a bit unsure of some point distribution and Mythweavers M&M sheet is crap.
    Strength: 5
    Agility : 6
    Fighting: 12
    Awareness: 2
    Stamina: 4
    Dex: 1
    Int: 0
    Presence: 3

    Abilities = 66 points

    Protection 2
    *Strike 1 (Linked to affliction)
    *Affliction 4 [Impaired, Disabled, Incapacitated][Fortitude] [Alternate resistance: Parry]
    Speed 3

    Powers= 10 points

    Power Attack
    Takedown 2
    Improved Initiative
    Instant Up

    Advantages: 9 points

    Skills, 1 point buys two ranks, can have up to powerlevel +10

    Acrobatics: 4 ranks (+10)
    Athletics: 4 ranks (+9)
    Close Attacke: (+12)
    Deception: 16 ranks (+19)
    Insight: 10 ranks (+12)
    Intimidation: 16 ranks (+19)
    Perseption: 16 ranks (+18)
    Persuation: 16 ranks (+19)
    Stealth: (+6)
    Treatment: 2 ranks (+2)

    Skills: 42

    Fortitude +4
    Will +4

    Defenses: 8 points

    Final Defense:
    Dodge: 6
    Parry: 12
    Tough: 6
    Fort: 8
    Will: 6

    Unarmed Strike: +12 toughness DC 21 plus Affliction (attacking parry) DC 14
    Throw: +1 toughness DC 20
    Initiative: +10

    4. The recent low-key villain you defeated.

    Guy busted into the club one night, calling himself Jive Turkey. Dressed all in disco, I think he watched some blaxplotation films but didn't pick up that Jive Turkey was an insult. Whatever, dumb though he was, he had plenty of skill slinging those bursts of light around. Took out 3 bouncers while yelling about "Jive Turkey gonna get revenge on that sucka." So I bounced up, gave him the patented "Nighty night cross" and put him on the floor cold. Not much, but got a lot of tweets and instagrams due to the guys crazy outfit. Course, I helped it along a bit by making a little meme with me breaking the guys jaw subtitled "Take that Jive Turkey." Heh, that was fun.

    5. A quick blurb on why your character wants to be a superhero, from his perspective.
    Listen, I'm giving you the opportunity of a lifetime. We all know the Lightkeepers were a beacon, the shine of the Pearl City. With them moving on, we need that shine more than anything. This city is my home, and I want to bring it back to being the Pearl of the USA. Now I know I've been called a glory hound. But ask yourselves, what good is a group that no one knows about? Would the Lightkeepers have been able to keep us as safe as they did if people didn't see the good they did, the integrety they had? Not like them Devil Hounds, who don't give a care in the world what they look like. Put me on a chartered team, and I can promise you I'll bring us to the cameras with smiles, commendations, and confidence that will put the fear of the law into all the criminals of Pearl City. We'll have those politicians drooling for a photo-op.

    The Champion

    EDIT: My motivation and relationship added
    EDIT 2: Fixed powers, fixed skills, added a linked affliction to my fists.

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  • Solar wrote: »
    Hey Talonrazer

    are you cool with a character being from some sort of Hollow Earth style forgotten ancient kingdom?

    Like a cross betweem Barsoom, Atlantis, the Savage Land and Asgard

    I had a cool idea a while back where I played a Namor style prince of said kind of place and I just thought I'd ask if I could use it this time

    Actually one of the things you will find out about real quick is the Merlfolk Kingdom in the sewers and underground water system. It's ruled by the Merling King. Everybody kinda leaves each other alone. So either from there or somewhere else totally works.

  • I'm just finishing off my character sheet and I have a quick question. In the description for the energy manipulation power it states that alternate effects can be taken, but the only information I can find related to these alternate effects is a 5 year old forum post which says that I take energy manipulation at the level I want for the full points cost and then additional powers are taken at 1 point each and use the power level of the energy manipulation power. Is this correct?

  • Captain CarrotCaptain Carrot Alexandria, VA regular
    Yes, except that additional powers can cost no more than the main one; for example, Amanda has Gravity Control at 9, with 2 points per rank. Ranged Affliction is also 2 points per rank, so that's also at 9, but Move Objects is 2 points base, and adding the Area descriptor adds a point per rank, for three points total, so it can be at 6 maximum.

  • Ah cool thankyou :) My character sheet is up now, feel free to rip it to shreds if there's even the slightest thing wrong with it

  • Talonrazor wrote: »
    Solar wrote: »
    Hey Talonrazer

    are you cool with a character being from some sort of Hollow Earth style forgotten ancient kingdom?

    Like a cross betweem Barsoom, Atlantis, the Savage Land and Asgard

    I had a cool idea a while back where I played a Namor style prince of said kind of place and I just thought I'd ask if I could use it this time

    Actually one of the things you will find out about real quick is the Merlfolk Kingdom in the sewers and underground water system. It's ruled by the Merling King. Everybody kinda leaves each other alone. So either from there or somewhere else totally works.

    Awesome. I'll make the character and their background right now

  • SightTDWSightTDW regular
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    I'm new to PbP but everything about this appeals to me in every way. Wish I noticed this a couple days ago since things are filling up pretty quickly, but I'll start working on a character now anyway. I'm new to all of this, but I'm hoping nobody would mind me looking over your collective shoulders whether I play or not. Cause I've been wanting to get involved in something like this, but some lurking couldn't hurt.

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  • We have got some good stuff.

    Captain Science is the most fucked up superhero ever.


    Going to leave this open for some more submissions. Once I choose six heroes, we will go over character sheets and examine everything to ensure it all works. People can make tweaks and adjustments then. After that, we'll start.

  • doomybeardoomybear Hi People regular
    This looks interesting! I think I'd need a little time to work something up.

    "Heaven is far away, but hell can be reached in a day." - the fool, from Ran by Kurosawa
  • In the contacts advantage, it is pretty vague about calling in favors (which makes total sense in game). But can I make up some characters who I know right away to call favors in from?

    Figure my trainer, Florence O'Mally, has some strong skill in treatment (always patched me up between rounds in the ring) and I should have an agent, Shecky "The Shill" Shillenski, who always knows how to handle the press and turn any PR scandel to our favor. Or would that be more a minion/sidekick thing?

  • I was definitely looking forward to this, but apparently I am moving at the end of the month, and I have no idea what that will do to my online access for the foreseeable future.

    So for now, I will withdraw my bid for a spot. Keep me on the list of backups though, and good luck to the rest.

  • edited January 2013
    One thing I just noticed. Having the area descriptor on my snare precludes the need for the ranged combat skill on Captain Science right? As I don't have to roll an attack check with that particular descriptor?

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    Maybe its time to bring back my Superhero Team of Wanger-Banger and Gloryhole...

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  • Mikey CTSMikey CTS The Fool regular
    @zekebeau Why not take Strike instead of Affliction? You could use those points in Affliction to take Strike 10, which would give you a Unarmed Damage of 15 (Strike + STR). I know I certainly wouldn't want to roll against a DC 25 Toughness check.

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  • I will probably close submissions this weekend. Here is what we have so far.

    The Raven
    Shadow Sorceress
    Fear, Illusions and Concealment

    Gravity Controller
    Flight, Gravity-based attacks, Gravity Ensnarement

    Captain Science
    Homeless Multidimensional Cosmic Energy Controller..... who like is timeless and has a staff. Also guy living in his dimensional pocket? Anyways, totally insane.
    Teleporting, Dimensional Travel, Gadget Wielder, Energy Absorber

    Fighter, Talker, Tough Guy

    We still have several spots open! I know @jdarksun, @Zand and @Solar are still working on characters. Post 'em up!

    The plan is that I will close submissions tomorrow or Saturday. Everyone will then pair off with someone else's character sheet and look it over. I started doing this in my games and it really helps catch errors or provide advice. Once everyone has tweaked their characters the way they like, I will throw up the IC thread Monday night. I will probably also have a little writing thing to do before then. Like give an example of what one of your character's tweet would be like.

  • I really wanted to submit something for this, but for some reason I just can't get a character concept to congeal into something I want to play. I will be watching the proceedings with great interest though.

  • Captain CarrotCaptain Carrot Alexandria, VA regular
    Dimension Hop seems like it wouldn't really work well in a campaign, particularly one like this.

  • Mikey CTSMikey CTS The Fool regular
    edited January 2013
    Unacceptable, Denada. Get on it.

    Mikey CTS on
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    Captain Carrot
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    I have the 2E book and was moping about not being able to play when these threads opened, but then I saw the OP links to the open-sourced rules and did a little dance inside.

    I will brainstorm a bit, but I will definitely post a character by tomorrow. I'm thinking a lazy version of Captain America or Green Arrow; someone who never had to work to become a prime physical specimen.

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    There's an application here!

    1. Character name and biography. Be creative. I am not looking for cloned team of the Avengers
    In 1597, an unknown man set about on a mission of assassination in an imperial palace in the city of Lahore, Pakistan. He believed he was on a mission from God and blessed with amazing powers of regeneration. Unfortunately, he was not also gifted with combat prowess, and after being caught charging the emperor with a shiny dagger, he also discovered that his regenerative capability also had a limit. Crushed by elephants and thrown in a fire, the would-be assassin died and was not remembered. A dog made off with a piece of him and lost that piece at the construction of a mosque. Then, in 1974, a group of art and archaeology grad students were commissioned to restore the mosque. One student discovered the piece of calf muscle still fresh and smuggled it home to Pearl City. She knew a friend who knew a friend who said he knew a buyer but really just turned in everyone involved to the National Extraordinary Incident Agency. The student gave up the piece of assassin, and the NEIA sent it to be analyzed by a contractor, Marshall Biotechnologies.

    The tissue became a line of cultures marked Tissue Culture 610, although it was pretty much the only sample possessed by the relatively small research firm. For years, it was poked and prodded and exposed to various combinations of radiations, chemicals, DNAs alien and terrestrial, and diseases. Success was limited, as it usually is with metahuman research, but it was Trial 6765 which was incredibly promising but also problematic. It grew, and when they could not stop the growth, they initiated protocols to destroy it. Fire proved to be effective, but one day later, it began growing again. They reviewed their notes: an unknown extraterrestrial retrovirus, promethium, ultraviolet light, and Pink Goo No. 9, and it was the fourth such trial with this combination and the only one to produce this result. After a year, Tissue Culture 610 Trial 6765 (TC610T6765, or the TCT, or Ticket for short) grew into an ugly, gender-less, adorable, four-armed and prehensile tongued blue and white mottled monster baby.

    At first, the scientific staff did not even know what they were raising. Ticket's first words were 'structural inconsistency.' Well, it was 'stutuwo incosisty,' but it was close enough to be a sign of intelligence. They treated the vaguely alien being as a behavioral experiment, a thing of wanton destruction, and a source of unexpected amusement, as many parents do. The scientists' argued about whether or not he should go to school - he went to Super Sunny Kindergarten, a private school for metahumans by metahumans. It would be private schools all the way through high school, and of course, it was on the NEIA's dime. By all accounts, Ticket is a success, unless one had spoken to Grunderson and Gupta, who firmly believed Ticket should have gone on with higher education and received his baccalaureate in the least. March, Rutherford, and Kaneda were fine that Ticket is happy helping with deliveries and knocking out thieving junkies. He is a very reserved and polite person, and more than one criminal has wondered if they were tripping when he asked them to please put their weapons down and walk away. Recently, though, Ticket feels that he should do more to keep others out of harms way, and he has applied for membership.

    Marshall Biotechnologies, Inc.
    Marshall Biotechnologies, Inc. is a biotech company that specializes in developing tissue grafts from and for meta-humans. It was founded by John Marshall, whose has since passed it on to his son, John Marshall, Jr. The company itself is owned by an investment group based in Brazil, but the ownership has been fairly loose. Junior isn't very well connected to his employees, but he's a good businessman with the benefit of his father's connections.

    The staff has gone through some changes. Ralph Grunderson passed away in 1997. Mai Kaneda and Sean March retired and are 98 and 83, respectively. Dr. Kaneda lives with her family, and Dr. March is in a retirement home. Vijay Gupta and Ben Rutherford are both 65, but neither has plans for retirement for as long as they can work.

    New staff members include Dr. Mallory Bo, Dr. Stephanos Pappas, and Dr. Eugene Finkelstein. Where Kaneda, March, Gupta and Rutherford are more like parents, Bo, Pappas, and Finkelstein are more like siblings.

    2. Character Summary. Brawler, with x power or what have you.

    Ticket is an idealistic, blue and white, hairless, growing or shrinking, four-armed strong-monster with the added bonus of being quite difficult to permanently kill. He also has a long prehensile tongue, but he doesn't use it often because everything and everyone in Pearl City is filthy.

    3. Character sheet. (Mythweavers, or whatever)

    I don't think Mythweavers has a M&M 3e sheet...At least, I didn't see one. I saw a 2e one, though.

    Abilities: 6 pp
    Strength 6
    Stamina 6
    Agility 2
    Dexterity 0
    Fighting 6
    Intellect 1, 2 pp
    Awareness 2, 4 pp
    Presence 0

    Defenses: 12 pp
    Dodge 8, 6 pp
    Parry 8, 2 pp
    Fort 12
    Toughness 6
    Will 6, 4 pp

    This is a list of stats and various states of growing and shrinking. Most listed values are total values, except for the Dynamic Array assignment.

    Growth 0, Shrinking 0: ~7 feet tall
    No change.

    No change.

    Unarmed, +6 Attack Bonus, +6 Damage
    Grab, +6 Attack Bonus, +6 DC

    Dodge 8
    Parry 8
    Fort 12
    Toughness 6
    Will 6

    No change.

    Growth 6, Shrinking 0: ~14 feet tall
    Strength 12, Stamina 12

    Enhanced Fortitude 0 > Impervious Defense 6

    Unarmed, +6 Attack Bonus, +12 Damage
    Grab, +6 Attack Bonus, +12 DC

    Dodge 5
    Parry 5
    Fort 12
    Toughness 12, Impervious 6
    Will 6

    Intimidate +3, Stealth -4

    Growth 9, Shrinking 0: ~23 feet tall
    Strength 12, Stamina 12

    Enhanced Fortitude 0 > Impervious Defense[1] 6
    Enhanced Stamina 3 > Impervious Defense[0] 6
    Enhanced Strength 3 > Leaping 6
    Speed +1

    Unarmed, +6 Attack Bonus, +12 Damage
    Grab, +6 Attack Bonus, +12 DC

    Dodge 4
    Parry 4
    Fort 12
    Toughness 12, Impervious 12
    Will 6

    Intimidate +4, Stealth -7

    Growth 12, Shrinking 0, ~40 feet tall
    Strength 12, Stamina 12

    Enhanced Fortitude 0 > Impervious Defense[1] 6
    Enhanced Stamina 0 > Impervious Defense[0] 6
    Enhanced Strength 0 > Leaping 6
    Speed +1

    Unarmed, +6 Attack Bonus, +12 Damage
    Grab, +6 Attack Bonus, +12 DC

    Dodge 2
    Parry 2
    Fort 12
    Toughness 12, Impervious 12
    Will 6

    Intimidate +6, Stealth -10

    Growth 0, Shrinking 4, ~3 feet tall
    No change.

    No change.

    Unarmed, +6 Attack Bonus, +6 Damage
    Grab, +6 Attack Bonus, +6 DC

    Dodge 10
    Parry 10
    Fort 12
    Toughness 6
    Will 6

    Stealth +6

    Growth 0, Shrinking 8, ~1 foot tall
    No change.

    No change.

    Unarmed, +6 Attack Bonus, +6 Damage
    Grab, +6 Attack Bonus, +6 DC

    Dodge 12
    Parry 12
    Fort 12
    Toughness 6
    Will 6

    Stealth +10

    Skills: 2 pp
    Acrobatics 4, 1 pp
    Athletics 6
    Close Combat 6
    Deception 0
    Expertise(Biology) 3, 1 pp
    Insight 2
    Intimidation 0
    Investigation -
    Perception 2
    Persuasion 0
    Ranged Combat 0
    Sleight of Hand -
    Stealth 2
    Technology -
    Treatment -
    Vehicles -

    Advantages: 5 pp
    Benefit(Ambidexterity), Chokehold, Improved Hold, Interpose, Teamwork, Improved Grab(Extra Limbs)

    Power: 110 pp
    Elongation 2, 2 pp

    Enhanced Agility 2, 4 pp
    Enhanced Fighting 6, 12 pp
    Enhanced Stamina 6 (Dynamic +1 pp), 13 pp
    ^^^ Impervious Defense[0] 6 (Dynamic +1 pp), 2 pp
    Enhanced Strength 6 (Dynamic +1 pp), 13 pp
    ^^^ Leaping (Dynamic +1 pp), 2 pp

    Enhanced Fortitude 6 (Dynamic Alternate Power, +1 pp), 7 pp
    ^^^ Impervious Defense 6[1] (Dynamic +1 pp, Stacks with Impervious Defense[0] 0 pp), 2 pp

    Extra Limbs 3, 3 pp

    Growth 12 (Increased Duration: Continuous +1 ppr, Increased Action: Move -1 ppr, Alternate Ability: Shrinking +1 pp), 24 pp
    ^^^ Shrinking 8 (Increased Duration: Continuous +1 ppr, Normal Strength +1 ppr, Increased Action: Move -1 ppr), 1 pp

    Immortality 5[1 day], 10 pp

    Immunity 4 [Aging, Ingested Hazards, Disease, Sleep], 4 pp

    Power-lifting 9, 9 pp

    Regeneration 1 (Persistent, +1 ppr) [Every 10 rounds], 2 pp

    Responsibility: Ticket still has somewhat of an obligation to Marshall Biotechnologies and the National Extraordinary Incident Agency and still needs to report in for testing and checkups.

    Relationships: The scientists at Marshall Biotech are the family that Ticket knows, and while they have their own security team, Ticket still worries about them.

    Good-doer: Ticket fights to do what's right as best he can manage.

    Monstrous: There is no hiding Ticket's alien and haphazard creation and he is an easy target for suspicion and prejudice. So far, Ticket has seemingly dodged a few potential bullets of bizarre biology, possessing neither cravings nor rage, but his chimeric genes continue to evolve.

    Brain-Damaged Resurrection: For the two times Ticket has died of head trauma or decapitation, he revived slightly wrong in the head. The first time, he had forgotten what sneezing, tissue boxes, and mirrors were, and the second time, his speech center failed for a little over a week. Nobody is quite sure what might happen the next time.

    Notes, Keywords, Descriptors
    Descriptors applicable to most of Ticket's powers: Alien, Biological

    Immunity to Ingested Hazards is meant to represent a kind of matter-eating capability, although it's still unwise to try and eat sharp, burning, caustic, or other dangerous materials. Ticket's mystery stomach functions take time to become effective, and his mouth and esophagus are still vulnerable. It's mostly only really useful if someone tried to put poison in his food, and he can technically be trash disposal. Not that he would, though - he still has tastebuds.

    As noted in the Combat Stats part above, as Ticket grows, he deactivates Enhanced Fort, Str, and Sta as they bump up against the PL limit.

    Lifting Strength: At Strength 6 and Power-lifting 9, 9 + 6 = 15, 800 tons
    At Strength 12 and Power-lifting 9, 12 + 9 = 50,000 tons

    4. The recent low-key villain you defeated.
    The most recent incident at the Marshall Biotech Lab involved someone Ticket had never seen before, someone who was unlike any of the thugs he had seen before. The intruder was a single, quiet man in a suit whose entire body was made of translucent glass. The appropriately if unimaginatively named Glass Man had a transmitter plugged into the main server. Most people know that Ticket can grow to nearly forty feet tall. That particular ability is difficult to hide. Very few know that he can shrink to the size of a cat. The Glass Man was not so informed. Ticket grabbed him and made him an offer to leave unharmed. The refusal was pointy and painful, and the response to the refusal was crunchy. The Glass Man shattered, but that posed no problem at all as he reformed and continued carving away at Ticket. Both parties grew exhausted, but the Glass Man was better trained and absorbed the abundant laboratory glassware to restore his strength. After a long and bloody fight, Ticket expired, but not before the Glass Man made one miscalculation. Ticket grew to thirty feet tall with his dying effort, shooting straight through the floor above. His huge body toppled forward and trapped the intruder underneath. The staff called the police and the Glass Man was incarcerated. Ticket revived the next day, glad to see the Marshall Biotech staff unharmed and the intruder locked up. Still, the attack had left him feeling vulnerable, not necessarily for himself but for the scientists who had raised him. He had questions, and he found that the best option available was the Altruist Kinship.

    5. A quick blurb on why your character wants to be a superhero, from his perspective, written as if it was part of an application letter to the Altruist Kinship. Simple short and simple, no more than 500 words.
    Altruist Kinship,

    A few weeks ago, a man of glass killed me and was crushed beneath my corpse. The police picked the shards from my body and incarcerated the still animate pieces, and about twenty hours after that, I got up and had ice cream. The horror of our fight lay in chunks and splatters over four rooms and was only diminished by the miracle that I lived again. It was an accident that I existed in the first place, and ever since, my life has been series of fortunate circumstances and good people. Everyone is an accident to some extent, and I do not pretend to hold moral authority over judgments of one life over another. I can only hope that by preventing disaster and misery where I can, I might share the peace and security of my life with others. The Altruist Kinship is an built on such a hope. In a world where inequality can take place in wallets and genes by no fault but misfortune, the only reliable justice is provided by choice and sacrifice.

    I bring my tremendous strength and durability to the Kinship, but my most valuable trait is the passion to fight for a better future. Politics may argue independence or oversight and religion may preach tolerance or scorn, but everything fails if nobody takes a stand. The Altruist Kinship has taken that stand, and it would be my privilege to participate.


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