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PATV - God does not play dice

Just finished watching the latest episode of extra credits and was sadly a bit disappointed at how they seemed to miss the point of what most people disagreed with.

From what i saw in the comments section last time people's main point of contention was the use of the word faith for how a scientist feel's about one of their theory's rather than the use of the word hope.

Many scientist have theory's that they really hope are true for myriad reasons but do not believe that their theory is 100% true before testing or due to evidence to the contrary.

The example of Albert Einstein was a poor example of faith as they then go on to explain why he could not possibly have had faith in his theory that everything could be known by science. He did not simply accept that everything could be explained by science as a man of faith would but rather spent his time researching until death because he had hope not faith.

Many religious scholars do believe and express their faith that god is a certainty despite lacking observable evidence and having been presented with evidence contrary to their faith.

The episode went on to say that some scientist have had theory that had been believed by most intellectuals until it had been proven wrong and replaced by a new theory. I would say that religion does not have the same standard applied to it as many theistic belief's have been disproved.

Also the bit about people being unable to be sure of their observation's to 100% while true is also irrelevant. The power's of observation that we have is all we have by which to live our lives and while we may be in the matrix and are about to be disposed of since we cant prove or disprove this we should live as though it is not true. Just like the concept of god while possible lacks any evidence for us to observe and therefore we should live our lives as if their were no god until evidence to the contrary turn's up.

PS: I am agnostic but do believe that while deist may be right the theistic religions are not. Also am a big fan of the show.

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