System crash- too many variables (help planning a triple display set)

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I'm trying to wrap my head around the problem of choosing and setting up a three monitor display, due to there being too many problems and variables. I thought maybe I'd share the details and you guys could provide any useful tips?


I own the following:

DELL 2209WA display
22" 6ms typical response time, 1680x1050 resolution
geforce gtx275 (896MB 448bit 1134MHz ddr3 and 633MHz GPU (overclocked to 1205/670MHz since it didn't allow for more despite a humongous cooling system)
Gigabyte 770t-usb3 mobo (no SLI support)
Tacens valeo III 500W psu

I've always dreamed about playing games on a triple display, even though I play very little. Today I've had the opportunity to hook up a second display to my PC and run around in Skyrim for a bit- the difference was already huge to me, so I've decided to finally plan my future display set.


Okay, problem number one was the FOV. I usually play with a ~75° FOV on my monitor, which allows for minimal distortion. I've done a quick test of "PROPER" FOV angles for different sets (this also shows how I was hoping to set up my montors):

So if a single monitor provides minimal distortions for a much larger than expected FOV, I thought 90° on two monitors would mean no distortion... right? WRONG.
Notice what happens with my companion ( :oops: ) when I just rotate in place horizontally- she gets stretched and appears a LOT closer. It's obvious that the game doesn't take the fact that my monitors are angled into account, but I was hoping the resolution would help at least (played at 3600x1050 today). I've heard some games are coded with multiple displays in mind, does that mean Skyrim will never lack those distortions?

Problem number two- while Skyrim runs smoothly on my GPU at 1680x1050, the framerate was way too low at 3600x1050. I was hoping buying a SLI-supporting mobo and another gtx275 would let me play comfortably, but if one card doesn't support two screens with enough fps, it might turn out that two cards won't support three.
I'm not a huge gaming enthusiast, I mostly use Skyrim as a great virtual hiking simulator with beautiful scenery (I find the gameplay too boring), so I'm not willing to buy two new, more powerful GPUs. This ties with problem three:

Problem three: if the distortions mentioned above will be unavoidable, the side displays get pretty much demoted- they only serve to provide the feeling of space and increase the FOV, you can't look directly at them. As such, it would be economical (especially considering my unwillingness to buy anything newer than gf2xx series) to play with the middle display at full resolution and have the side displays at a lower resolution (to save processing power) though at the same display size. Is it possible somehow?

Problem four: SLI... does the second card have to be a gtx275 or can it be, say, a gtx280? (they are much easier to buy used now). Due to the difference in supply, I can buy a 280 for the same price as a 275- might be useful, IF I can use it for the SLI set.

Problem five: I can't seem to find 2209WAs anymore, so I've been looking around for different, matching options. It has to be something with HDMI (unless I can find a matching GPU with two DVI outputs, my current GPU has one D-Sub, one DVI and one HDMI output). I've been recommended an LG IPS234V-PN, but the response time is provided as 5ms in most stores, but also as 14ms in some other stores... and the manufacturer's site: http://www.lg.com/us/commercial/lcd-computer-monitors/lg-IPS234V-PN . This seems like a really slow response time, does anybody know what gives?
I need to work out the physical size of the screen as well (since it is not very clearly provided, my current monitor is 296mm/ 332mm with the bezel).

Once I wrap my head around the above problems, I intend to start by buying another monitor for more comfortable work, then proceed with a mobo, a GPU and finally the third monitor (in that order, of course). Any recommendations on the mobo? Like I've said, I'm not a huge gaming enthusiast so I'm not looking to spend a lot of money to play new titles. Just a bit of Skyrim and maybe some older games if they cooperate.

Sorry for the long post and thanks for reading.


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    Problem one: You cannot not distort the edges with a high field of view. That's just how things work. If you don't want distortion on the edges then don't up your FoV when you up your resolution.

    Problem two: You'd probably have to check out benchmarks or something.

    Problem three: Don't think so.

    Problem four: Nope, same GPU or bust.

    Problem five: Response time is a joke measurement, the numbers aren't made up but they might as well be. If you can see them in stores then just test them out there.

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    Hey, thanks for your responses!
    I did some research in the meantime, turns out there are almost no games that properly take multiple monitors into account. Iracing is one of them. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=9fYwEj0bQBE
    No distortion, it's basically like looking out through a window.

    Additional clarification regarding the: same gpu- how "same" does it have to be? Two 275 gtx is enough same? Or does it also have to be from the same manufacturer? Or exactly the same model?

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    SLI only really makes sense if you're getting identical cards which are also the absolute best you can possibly get and you want to piss extra money away for bleeding edge performance. At any given price point (other than the top) it will be better to buy a single better card than two worse cards. A single 660 would drive all 3 displays for about the same price as a new motherboard and another 275.

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    MaydayMayday Cutting edge goblin tech Registered User regular
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    A 660 has a 192bit bus, that looks... worrying? Even my current card is 448bit.
    I'm finding it hard to believe it would run Skyrim at 5760x1080 but might be you're right.

    EDIT: whoop, found a test, it runs at a minimum of 27, average of 33. Awesome!

    I can get a 660 for about $253 or a mobo+another used 275 for $165. Looks like it's really worth considering! Thanks, penguin!

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