Batman- Gotham after Midnight

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Graphic novel on which Batman encounters his greatest foe in the form of Midnight, a sadistic madman who believes can do Batman's job better by killing and ripping his victim's hearts out, collecting them in jars and making quite a name for himself to anyone that dares going out after dark in Gotham City. Midnight knows Batman eventually will get the upperhand so he manipulates some of his greatest in the rogues' gallery from Clayface to Killer Croc in order to subdue him or at least, keep him busy while he schemes the Dark Knight's demise.

In this graphic novel Batman encounters another love interest within the DC Universe, Lieutenant Clarkson, who believes Batman is as bad as Midnight in terms of using vigilante methods to get rid of crime. Bruce Wayne wins her heart eventually, but things turn sour when Midnight murders her, pushing him to hunt him down and bring him to justice for good. What Batman doesn't realize until much later, is that Midnight has been several steps ahead on his plans, even before he became active in his killer spree, pushing the right buttons and sending Batman into a maze of which he can't clearly get any clues as to who Midnight is and what his true motives are. Hush is pretty much tame in comparison here.

A twist near the end which echoes a certain Batman animated movie released in the 90s concludes this tale.

Beatiful art by Kelly Jones and stupendous writing by Steve Niles makes Gotham after Dark one of the darkest Batman stories to date.

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