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Wii-U load times are excessively slow. We're talking about 5+ minutes to load a menu/game.

SatsumomoSatsumomo Rated PG!Registered User regular
Hey guys!

So a friend of mine just got a WiiU, and when he booted it up, I expected the reported sluggish menus that have been reported for the WiiU, however instead of the 15-30 second delays people are talking about, what we witnessed was something that just couldn't have gone through QA.

Going into system settings, or any other "app" such as a game or Mii-Verse/Shop/etc., would cause us to see the loading screen for over 5 minutes. However, once this was done, we could go back in and out of apps with no issues at all, and we'd see loading times of 10-15 seconds there.

He states that if he powers off the WiiU, then the 5+ minute load times are back.

Is this really normal for the WiiU? We got these insanely load times for Nintendoland, Rayman Legends Demo, ZombiU, the settings menu, the stats menu and two other menus probably. Loading once in-game wasn't this slow though.

Thanks guys, if this is abnormal I don't think there's a fix we can perform ourselves, and we'd best just RMA the unit? He did go through the mandatory system update.


  • urahonkyurahonky Registered User regular
    It's not normal at all. Have you ensured you have the latest system update? I think that cut a lot of the loading times down. But yeah just contact Nintendo... Complain alot and maybe you'll get a free game out of the thing.

  • SatsumomoSatsumomo Rated PG! Registered User regular
    Well since we're in Mexico, the best we'll probably get is free 3-weeks long shipping for an RMA :(

    System's up-to-date though. My buddy will be resetting/reformatting the system (If it's possible) to see if that fixes anything.

  • azith28azith28 Registered User regular
    One thing ive noticed is that the disc reading is VERY susceptible to fingerprint smudges, especially around the edges of the disc. Try cleaning your discs with a good cloth and see if the times improve.

    Stercus, Stercus, Stercus, Morituri Sum
  • SatsumomoSatsumomo Rated PG! Registered User regular
    Not really, since this issue happens with system menus and downloaded content.

    So far, the WiiU seems to only have a "Reset settings" option, which we doubt will do anything. And he doesn't seem to want to return it to the store, since it took them a whole month to deliver due to shortages. So I guess he's going to sit it out, see if the next WiiU update fixes it.

  • urahonkyurahonky Registered User regular
    They claimed it would then took it back if I remember correctly. I'm hoping the next big patch does help with the load times...

    Actually could you try disabling MiiVerse (if you can) and seeing if that helps?

  • SatsumomoSatsumomo Rated PG! Registered User regular
    Yeah, and it seems that it was actually directed to a specific game, and not the WiiU in general.

    These really slow loading times really reeks of faulty memory, most probably the internal storage since once games are loaded, everything runs really well.

    He's checking now, hopefully it works. He's getting in touch with Nintendo directly, he just wants to avoid the retailer altogether...

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