Play back video at fast speeds in windows to quickly scan through an 8 hour security vid?

I am recording out my window due to someone dumping trash at some random time in the day but the problem is that the resulting video is 8 to 12 hours long. I dont want to sit there and watch it all in real time, I want to be able to quickly scan through the video and get right to when I see people going past the window. Is there software that will either let me use a slider bar or run the video in some high speed rate to quickly find spots where it's just not a tree blowing in the wind?



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    AiouaAioua Ora Occidens Ora OptimaRegistered User regular
    VLC lets you adjust playback speed. I'm not sure what its upper limit is, though.

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    RBachRBach Registered User regular
    I was going to suggest VLC, too. I use it for podcasts (audio & video), but it should work very well for your purposes, too.

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    EchoEcho ski-bap ba-dapModerator mod
    +1 for VLC, it does at least 8x speed.

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