A couple preview and toolbar popup issues

SmasherSmasher Starting to get dizzyRegistered User regular
I don't think these warrant separate topics so I've lumped them together.

1) In private messages, or when editing posts in a thread other than the thread's OP, there's no option to preview your message/edit.

2) If you middle click the quote link in a post it'll open a new tab with the quoted post and you can make a post, but clicking the preview link does nothing.

3) If you open one of the toolbar menus (bookmarks, etc.) and make any kind of click (other than a left click on a link) inside the popup it will disappear. If you try to left click on a link but miss slightly you have to reopen the popup, you can't open a link in a new tab at all with right click, and you can only open one link at a time in a new tab with middle click. The last can be worked around by going to the "All Bookmarks" link or equivalent but it'd still be nice to do it from the page you're already on. Ironically, if you left click on a link the popup will stay open until the new page loads.


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    EsseeEssee The pinkest of hair. Victoria, BCRegistered User regular
    Yeah that last bit with missing the link closing the toolbar menu is something I'd really REALLY like to see changed if possible. It's pretty annoying to be going for the link, be just a millimeter off, and then have to reopen the menu and re-locate the post you were trying to click on.

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