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If you like 1940s swag and lots of reading, you might like [Rose Guns Days].

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Just a public service announcement from your fan-translating friends at The Witch Hunt, who also fan translated Umineko. They're officially sanctioned by the creators, by the way.

There's a demo of Chapter 1 available at the above link, the rest requires purchasing the full game and then patching it.
Let's get the obvious out of the way: the aesthetics are anime as heck.


Still with us? Goody.


Rose Guns Days(don't ask me what's up with the grammar) is the latest visual novel from 07th Expansion, a fan group who make excessively verbose PC games about murder, the occult, and apparently now a prohibition tale of post-war era Japan.

A gentleman by the name of Leo returns home from the war to find his hometown devastated and conquered by the occupying forces of America and China alike.

Amidst all this he encounters a strange girl running from a bunch of guys in black suits who he promptly beats the hell of, thus rescuing her and getting caught up in all kinds of drama.



The fan translation work is good as ever so far, and again, free demo.

Also the music is quite good.

Cowboy Bebop much?

So yeah, give it a shot and share your thoughts.

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