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Tablet iOS/Galaxy Note 10.1

UncleChetUncleChet N00bLancaster, PARegistered User regular
Sorry to new thread this, but i Just missed the last tablet thread. GnomeTank made some Good points, but here goes my quandry.
I'm upgrading from a Nexus 7 to a "something 10" "
I'm currently tossing between the note 10.1 and the iPad 4 (32gb retina one).
I do not currently own any iDevices, but I have 2 android phones that I swap between on a whim, and a Nexus 7. I am honestly stuck between the 2. My partner has a Note, and loves it, however, He draws and stuff, and uses a lot of the pen based features that I don't honestly think I'm going to get much (any) use out of. I will not be disposing of my Nexus, so I don't "Lose" anything. My primary focus will be reading digital comic books and Maybe some gaming. I say maybe, as I have a 3ds, a PS3, a gaming laptop and a Wii U, so i get my gaming fix. I also don't play games on my current tablet.

The thing that has me even considering the iDevice is that it has one heck of a screen/resolution, and, I have a car stereo that has an iPod/Pad interface option that lets me play directly through the car's system.
I'd likely Not get the data option built in as it's just Expensive, and where i work, the service is terribad.

I'd initially though of trying to get a Nexus 10, as it's purported to have the best screen/resolution/clarity running, and since reading comics and other colorcentric things are the focus, screen/color/depth is the #1 feature to consider.
However, friends who ordered directly via Google had just bad experiences and I simply can't pick up a 10" locally in retail.

So, I welcome any constructive feedback that anyone can toss my way.


I'm sometimes grumpy and random, feel free to overlook the strange man in the corner.


  • FairchildFairchild Rabbit used short words that were easy to understand, like "Hello Pooh, how about Lunch ?" Registered User regular
    If you like the Android operating system, then the Galaxy Note is your obvious choice. I have the previous Galaxy 10.1 tablet and it works very well. Also cheaper, because you are not paying the Apple premium price. If you're looking to play music or whatever in the car, perhaps buy a cheap Ipod ?

  • UncleChetUncleChet N00b Lancaster, PARegistered User regular
    edited February 2013
    Thanks for the advice Fairchild, No idea why i didn't simply consider a smallish iPod.
    So, lucky me, thread didn't get closed and i don't have to create a new one =)
    I went with a Note 10.1 and I have a question, (duh). Is there a way to calibrate the S-Pen for left handed folks?
    I've found that I Love photo shop tablet, and the note app. but I'm a lefty and it's a bit messy.

    UncleChet on
    I'm sometimes grumpy and random, feel free to overlook the strange man in the corner.
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