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I know I can't be the only one who enjoys drawing PC's - my own or others'.

Sally forth brave adventurer and show us who ya got!


Ulfen - PC in a campaign based primarily on the Midnight d20 setting, but also makes use of a variety of other source material (primarily Pathfinder and D&D 3.5). Wears a hood for story-reasons which I won't disclose for fear of fellow players lurking about. Proficient with a Dwarven Waraxe.

Mechanical pencil w/2H and 2HB lead, no references.

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    franciumfrancium Registered User regular
    Interesting weapon design! Can you post more characters?

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    DMACDMAC Come at me, bro! Moderator Mod Emeritus
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    I made this little drawing of Roven Locke, my rogue from an ongoing D&D campaign:


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    13722269472339ff99329affc3d68c82b8619f27.jpg Here's one I did a while back, was supposed to be an NPC in an RPG I was writing using pathfinder (DnD 3.5), but when I showed up there was already a game on, so I just joined them with this guy. :)

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    Thanks! I'd have to do some digging to see if I even have any of my old characters - I didn't last long in my early days as an adventurer, so most of them were tossed in frustration. Those drawings I've done for other people were given to the characters' owner.

    The axe is sort of inspired by Terry Pratchett's decription of Dwarven axes which have a pick-axe on the back of the head.

    Love those smooth lines. I've yet to master that lighthearted-yet-detailed style.

    Love that sword and the random bits of detail thrown in. The skull on the spike makes me think of some Warhammer models I've seen. Did you do the proportion of the legs like that for a reason?

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    Mister KentMister Kent PixburghRegistered User regular
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    I like Ulfen's mask. The texture on his clothes--especially his shirt--is well rendered.

    Mah gahd...those eyebrows. I yam entranced! Cool design.

    I love the armor, and the cape and cloth bits. The skull is a nice touch!

    EDITO: Forgot to contribute!

    From a recent GAMMA WORLD game. Seventeen feet tall, electrokinetic, military genius.

    General Thraxia Lee:


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