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iPad/iPhone storage issue with game

RyanReddRyanRedd Registered User regular
Hello! I bought GTA: Vice City for my iPad but it has somehow installed itself onto my iPhone as well. When I go into iTunes to remove the app, I clicked the X on the app icon but I don't see it listed in my apps for uninstalling so there's a massive memory chunk devoted to this game and I can't seem to find it, nor does it show up on the list of apps on my iPad in iTunes. I'm totally confused!

Thanks if anyone knows how to help, I appreciate it.

That's good. That's a good one.


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    kimekime Queen of Blades Registered User regular
    Can you just remove it directly on the iPhone?

    Hold down on an app, and they will all jiggle back and forth. You can rearrange them in this mode, and it will also cause an X to appear in the corners of all the apps so that you can delete them. Does that not work? ID: kime#1822
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