Moved Tape Drive to new SCSI Adapter - Can't see drive anymore

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This week we picked up a new tape drive for backups that runs on a SAS connection, our previous drive was failing and it ran on SCSI, for $2000 less it was easier to just switch to something newer and faster.

The SCSI drive was connected to an HP adapter on the server that was in port 3 and it was running backups on Backup Exec 2010. I moved it to another adapter that was already in port 2 and I can see the device using the software for that device. The only problem is that I am unable to get the tape drive to show up in Backup Exec(first time setting up tape drives in general). When I run the device configuration in BE it appears to just scan port 3 which is where the new drive will be located once the cable arrives for it(hopefully today).

I would have put the new SAS adapter in port 2 instead of 3 but I can't because it is not a low-profile card, I'd rather not tear off the bracket if I don't have to and I'd like to keep the old drive as a spare or just for running my restore jobs. Could there be an issue between this new SCSI adapter and the tape drive? I suppose I could attempt to switch it's low profile bracket onto the old adapter and try it in slot 2 to see if that could be the problem. Any suggestions?

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Because if you're going to attempt to squeeze that big black monster into your slot you will need to be able to take at least 12 inches or else you're going to have a bad time...
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