Star's artsy things. { insert witty title here, and a little nfsw]

starzeestarzee BostonRegistered User regular
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So long story short after a very interesting week. I thought I get involved with the online community for gamers / game dev's -etc a bit more.
And my aim is to be a concept artist someday, but I do have a very long way to go but always looking for feedback and just connecting to other artists.
So not much now just a few studies, will be posting more when I get time (:!
Looking forward to hear from everyone!

and I guess nfsw even with a study but not really sure if it counts as that haha.


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    MuddyParasolMuddyParasol Registered User regular
    Welcome to the forum!

    Looks like your work is off to a great start. I look forward to seeing more.

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    HalenHalen Registered User regular
    Any chance of a higher resolution. It's really hard to see what you're actually drawing that small.

    Draw an egg.
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    starzeestarzee BostonRegistered User regular
    Halen wrote: »
    Any chance of a higher resolution. It's really hard to see what you're actually drawing that small.

    Ah yes, I stuck it in smaller pictures so wouldn't be multi-posting on my facebook for art things. Will keep it in mind for next round of pictures I'll be posting next week (:!

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    starzeestarzee BostonRegistered User regular
    Whelp, bit longer than a week due to a few game jam events I had going on!
    Just a couple more fabric and body studies, nothing fancy "Yet". And working on getting better resolution per request when I get the chance.


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    kkrieselkkriesel artist Milwaukee, WIRegistered User new member
    The drawings of smaller focus, such as the fabric and most of the hands, are great. The back in the upper right hand corner of your first post is great! Excellent shape and shading, the muscles actually looks flexed. The upper left box of your last post, with the curved back and the hands, is fantastic as well.
    It seems like with your female figures, particularly with the hips, you're drawing what you think it would look like rather than what they really looked like. The same for the hand in the bottom left of your first post. This is a difficult habit to break - you've clearly done it once in the bottom right of your last post (the figure tilting to the viewer's left). During a model's extended pose, particularly with foreshortening, experiment with line sketches of precisely what you see even if it seems like it wouldn't make logical sense.
    Otherwise, your shading and musculature are fantastic!!

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