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The Tube Pain Train (opinions thread)

IcyLiquidIcyLiquid Two SteaksMontreal, QuebecAdministrator, Vanilla Staff vanilla
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So, the tubepool has hit its goal, and now its time to begin gathering opinions on what kind of things should be done to his posts!

The kind of things I'm hoping for here are embarrassing or mocking. Not so much about making the whole thing neon pink and blinking. I'll pretty much have to veto that sort of behaviour. Remember, we all have to see these posts too :p

There are 8 main areas that can be defaced

AVATAR - Must include the hedgehog or its face somehow
GUTTER - Can include either a color, a background image, or both. If an image, think about layout (the vertical height fluctuates here)
BACKGROUND - The post background. Can be a color or an image or both. Same concerns as above (this area's height changes)

TEXT FONT - We also have the option for a limited number of fonts, including: Comic Sans, Arial, Times New Roman, Tahoma, Lucida Grande and any other standard web font.

How this works
If you've got an idea for one of the above mentioned areas, make a comment on this thread and prefix it with the name of the area you're talking about.

If you have multiple ideas, limit yourself to one per post, otherwise we can't properly track the awesomes.

After a few days, this thread will be closed and we'll create polls with the 5 top rated suggestions in each area, based on agrees and awesomes (each counts the same).

For example
IcyLiquid wrote:

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