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hi, i have been reading and enjoying penny arcade for many years, especially the art style of it all. i have been something of an artiest myself but never as good as i want to be. i first started with realistic sketches and such but quickly moved to a more cartoony look and feel. yet it would never tun out the way i wanted, so i guess my question is if anyone knows any books or websites or starter equipment i could use to get better and truly develop a style i could call my own.

thanks for the help.

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    Hi there.

    You'll find in the first post of the thread Godfather linked a great deal of informaion pertaining to your query: tutorials, books and the like. Questions and further discussion about subjects like this should be posted in there, as we try to keep most of our threads focused on crtiques of specific artwork.

    Also, in regards to style: you should not worry about style at all, not until you've spent a great deal of time on basic drawing skills: form, lighting, contour, etc.

    Styles are seductive to a begninner, especially in those "uniquenesses" of a style that deviate from reality. However, if a beginner tries learning from a style that deviates from reality, he can develop poor habits that will be almost impossible to break free of down the line.

    An artist that has trained to be observant of, and can readily depict reality, will be able to distinguish where a style deviates from reality and where it does not; a beginner who focuses on any particular style will ingrain these deviances into his brain, with only partial understanding of how the original artist (who, no doubt, was trained in observing reality) was able to use that style effectively.

    An artist that knows reality can use any style they wish, in that they only have to apply certain superficialities to their base knowledge to make that style work. An artist that knows nothing but a style knows nothing but superficialities, and will not be able to make even their chosen style work correctly, lacking such essential foundations.

    Short version: Look at the world and draw it.

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