Things to do at PAX without a PAX badge?

SkarmySkarmy Registered User new member
My friend and I are heading up to PAX east before too long. Because of email issues, I ended up with a pass and he did not. He still wants to go up and just generally be around everything, but I wondered if there are PAX related things he can do without a pass? I think the MTG events are public and don't require a pass, can anyone confirm this?

Any input would be awesome.


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    HalfazedninjaHalfazedninja Author of Jake Howard: Multiverse 101! Behind YouRegistered User regular
    I'm pretty sure the only PAXy things he'll probably be able to do are offsite parties.At PAX, even the MTG tourneys you need a badge for (I beleive) because they are part of the event.

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    SkarmySkarmy Registered User new member
    Oh I see, that sucks but makes a lot of sense. I know on the MTG event schedule it said Public Events, but I didn't know if that was really all public, or just the public of PAX

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    CtrlAltDftCtrlAltDft Luis Registered User regular
    At the westin there is tabletop going on. There were tables there all weekend long last year and I assume it'll be the same this year. You don't need a PAX badge or a room to go in the Westin. The tabletop at the Westin starts Thursday night.

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    OnmitsuOnmitsu I'm just a birdie Ca-caw, ca-caw!Registered User regular
    There's always the ancillary surrounding events (there is endless tabletop gaming in the Westin which I would get in on if I was local and had no pass), but for the actual con, enforcing is pretty strict on badges. In PAX East proper your friend will be able to do little outside of wander the hallways and feel intense shame about his inability to get a pass.

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    miker525miker525 New YorkRegistered User regular
    yeah hate to say it but without a pass it's not worth going. Almost everything he'd want to do requires a pass and as of last year security for it was pretty strict. A few years ago they were much more lenient with passes (or so I remember) but his best bet is probably ebay or some other place to buy one

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    ValantineValantine Registered User regular
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    If you and your friend are 21+ Turbine fans you should make time for the Turbine Pax East Fan Appreciation Party! Friday from 8:30 PM to 12:30 AM At Jillian’s Boston. I know I'll be there!
    http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=409880 :D

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    zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    PAX East is not a "sprawl into the streets" event. There really isn't anything except for the off site parties and such that you can get to without a badge.

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