Trouble shooting help?

I've been trying to solve a problem with my laptop and I'm sort of at my wits end, so, where do you go when you are trying to trouble shoot a problem with your computer? Whats going on is that I'm getting occasional freezes that require a hard reset to fix. After rebooting from the freeze the computer displays a black screen with columns of uneven dots, gray in color.

What I was doing right before the problem

-- Through steam I downloaded and ran ARMA II and then ARMA II operation arrowhead with the intention of running DayZ
--I deleted ARMA II because the filesize of Operation Arrowhead led me to believe that it was a package deal and I wouldn't need both installed
--Then I installed and tried to run DayZ but coudn't find a server with more than two people, and even then couldn't log into the server.

This is where the problem started. I was searching through the steam forum when my computer froze, with the top portion of the screen not changing and the bottom part flickering (this has since stopped).

At this point I
-- Immediately uninstalled DayZ and ARMAII Operation Arrowhead
-->I had the freezing problem almost immediately after rebooting

--Then I booted into safemode, reinstalled my video card driver, which didn't resolve the issue, and then I ran a registry cleaner from Source Forge (Little Registry cleaner)

This still didn't resolve the flickering and the freezing and the weird reboot, so I mashed F9 on startup and chose to do a factory fresh reinstallation.

--I have now reinstalled Chrome, Steam, DOTA, the nvidia graphics driver, and have had two freezes with the fresh layout. One freeze was while in the DOTA matchmaking screen and the other was again while browsing. During the DOTA freeze I got a blue screen of death informing me that the graphics card had an error it couldn't resolve. The computer rebooted before I could read further and copy down any relevant information.

For reference my laptop is an Asus brand G50VT, Core 2 Duo P8400, and the graphics card is an Nvidia GeForce 9800m GS.

At this point I've exhausted my rather limited technical knowledge and I don't really know where to go or what to do. I don't have the money to purchase a new computer, and I don't think it would make sense to bring it to a technician when a fix could get really expensive. If anyone could provide some insight or point me to a good place to learn I would be grateful. Thank you!

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