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Lets talk about the Ogre games. Originally starting with Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen (Like starwars it starts a ways in, this is considered Episode 5), Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together(From now on known as LUCT) was originally released in 1995 on the Playstation. While set in the same basic universe, the Tactics Ogre name has come to mean overhead isometric turn based strategy, compared to Ogre Battle's more traditional grand strategy gameplay. The version of LUCT i'll be playing is the PSP Version, which has its own ingame screenshot feature, which means I can do this all without an emulator. It also means it will be super hard for me to capture some parts of the game, so I will be linking to relevant timestamped Youtube videos for all cinematic parts.

Now a little about the game, it has generic characters I can hire so if you would like to be a part of the game let me know. I'll use your forum name(if its short enough) and tell me the gender and class you would like. If I don't have that class, tell me the class you want right now and the class you would like to become when I get the class tickets needed to become that class. This game also features a leveling weapon system, so if lets say you want to be a Knight, you can decide if you would like to use swords or hammers more, and whichever one you choose will level up with you giving you finishing moves, etc. If you decide to be a caster you must also tell me what magic type you'd like.

This game has a lot of branching storylines, whenever we get to a decision I'll post it up and we can vote on the path we'll go. There's a Lawful path (Obeying the rules, especially when they're as injust as they are in this game, usually considered the "bad" path as i've been lead to believe) and a Chaos Path (Freedom above all else, usually seen as the "Good" path.) When I originally played the game, I chose Chaos and got to chapter 2 or 3 of the game. Its been a super long time, so I'm going to be playing about 90% blind through the first half of the game, and the 2nd half fully blind. I will be using some sites for script copies, decisions not to be missed, etc. to make a better lets play, but most of the decisions will not be researched.

Now with most of that out of the way, I'm going to give you a list of things we need from Audience Participation. Right now we're going to need the name of our Hero.


We'll also need a birthday, if we don't get any interesting suggestions i'll just use today's date as his birthday. They use a made-up calender, but if you give me the relevant date i'll just input it and we'll have his new day.


When the game starts out it picks 5 Random Tarot Cards and some options. The choices you make will boost your stats by a small amount. Unfortunately the 5 you get is randomized, so I'll just decide on the answers when I make the character and start it up. I'll take screens and post the choices I made so we can all be included. An Example of these would be:


Once we finish the first 2-3 battles (They include guest characters) i'll be able to recruit/hire some new adventurers. If you would like to be a part of this game I'll need some specifics. At start I'll be able to Recruit 5 characters. The classes available are Warrior, Knight, Wizard/Enchantress(Depending on male or female), Cleric, Archer, and Rune Fencer/Valkyrie(male or female again). Magic in this game is split into a multitude of categories, and even in those categories they're not always the same. For instance a cleric might pick up divine magic and get heals and status cures from it, where a valkyrie or knight who specializes in divine magic might get more buffing magic, causing your weapons to do extra magical damage, or giving haste.

Warriors: Basic starting physical classes, they have a wide choice of weaponry. If you want to be a character and choose this class also tell me what weapon you would like out of: Fist Weapons, Daggers, Swords(1h), Sword (2h), Hammer, Axe, Cudgels(caster staves), Whips(won't have access to these for a while) Bows, Crossbows, and Thrown Weapons(also won't have access to these for a while).

Knights: Swords(1h), Axes, Hammers, Crossbows, and they can also use Divine Magic to heal and buff, and a shield for defense if you pick a 1h weapon.

Wizard(m)/Enchantress(f): Air, Earth, Lightning, Water, Fire, Ice, Dark magic choices. They'll be using cudgels as their weapons.

Clerics: Divine Magic and Cudgels are their only options to start with.

Archers: Short bows which can be used with a melee weapon, allowing them a more skirmisher role, Great bows which are 2h and more damaging, or Crossbows which fire in a line making it harder to hit targets in the middle of a fight since the arrows don't arc through the air like the bows.

Rune Fencer(m)/Valkyrie(f): Air Earth Lightning Water Fire Ice Divine Dark for their Magical choices, Swords(1h), spears (2 tile range and 2h), Hammers, Bows, Crossbows. Valkyries can use magic from range and still keep a melee weapon, or focus on ranged weaponry and keep magic for buffing with specific damage types. If you want a valkyrie or rune fencer, pick one magic and one weapon type.

More classes will open up as we progess through the game, so if you've played before or have knowledge of the advanced classes you can feel free to let me know which of those classes you'd like to promote into in the future, and what classes you'd like your character to be for now.

Okay so, what I need from you guys before we get this show on the road. We need a Hero's Name, We need a Birthday, we need 5 Adventurers, and we need a Legion's Name to fight under. The Fightin' Wangs or something along those lines. I believe its an 8-12 character limit, so if your suggestions don't fit i'll try to make the most voted upon one fit somehow. Lets give it 1 Day to get all the suggestions in and then i'll start up the game and post the first real update.

Once again, this is my first real Lets Play, so take it somewhat easy on me. Also if you've played TO before, feel free to PM me some hints and tricks and I'll try to fit them into the narrative. Thanks guys.

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    Update List
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    Update 44: Update 44

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    The game was originally released on the Super Famicom. Also apparently the game was 3/4's of the way translated before Enix USA had one of its traditional every four years or so until the merger implosion, so we just missed out on that superior version of the game.

    Tactics for the PSX by the way sells for a ton. The PSP remake took a decent bite out of it but because it isn't exactly the same game the price rebounded quite a bit.

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    The last one I played was Ogre Battle for the 64!

    You can totally make me a Cleric, born on the seventh day of the seventh month.

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    @CorriganX Sign me up! Name a character Khildith and make him the most badass Chaotic 2h Swords Warrior to ever walk the earth... or wherever this is set.

    We should name the main character SamLJackson and our legion name should be Badmofos. Samuel L Jackson's birthday is December 21 so we should use that.

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    PLAPLA The process.Registered User regular
    Is PLA short enough? Do I get to punch people?

    Instant edit: Google says Rogues and Berserkers can punch good, but I haven't played this.

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    Warriors can start out punching things, when we unlock berserker I can make you that. It should be relatively early iirc.

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    PLAPLA The process.Registered User regular

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    @CorriganX, you know what I need to be, a fire wizard, character name Snot.

    Onward, to many horrific self-immolations and possibly glory!

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    Sign me up as a Lightning Sword Fencer named Drokmir. :3

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    Quarthinos is an elf? He uses 2h bows (and magic if that's a possible upgrade?), so he's some kind of Archer.

    Sam Jackson is very cool, so I vote for him.

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    quarthinos wrote: »
    Quarthinos is an elf? He uses 2h bows (and magic if that's a possible upgrade?), so he's some kind of Archer.

    Sam Jackson is very cool, so I vote for him.

    Can do a bow fencer with magic, will take a few fights for them to open up more spaces for players since we have the starting 5, but I'll get you in.

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    I'll definitely be following this. I played this when it came out on PSP and loved it. This could inspire me to play it again!

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    Update Numero Uno: I'll be using spoiler tags to keep the thread as simple as possible, there will be LOTS of pictures and LOTS of words in these updates, just a heads up. This game can deal with heavy topics, so we'll be trying to keep things somewhat light hearted while we go through these convos. For the wordy parts i'll be using a script I found here, super awesome script that helped save me so much time having to copy the text myself. Without further ado:
    I told you guys in the beginning that we get 5 Random tarot cards with questions that we use to define our character. These are the 5 I got, and the highlighted choices are the ones I've decided(with the help of @Khildith) would best represent our hero: SamLJackson.





    With our Hero decided upon we begin the first chapter of the game. Bracketed words will be descriptors of the scene, my words will be italicized, the speaking character's names will be before their own words. I'll try to make sure its not confusing.


    (If you want a visual representation of this intro, you can check this Youtube Video of someone else's playthrough. I can't record video, and the game can't take Screenshots in the cinematics. I've linked to the start of the intro, the "battle" part starts at 6:09)

    It is an age of war. The Wheel begins to turn...

    [Snow falls on a rustic settlement at night. Overlooking the village stands a force of armed men, a one-eyed rider at the lead.

    Elsewhere, a lone rider rushes through a muddy field at incredible speeds.

    The armed men stampede through the village, setting fires and attacking all who stray beyond their homes. The village is now aflame as the troops cut down civilians - men, women and children. They haul out prisoners from a church as the one-eyed leader remains atop his perch, watching.

    The lone rider reaches the church and it is clear that some time has passed since the destruction of this town.]


    This is the hideout for the Walister Resistance. Sam is the yellow haired fella on the right. His sister next to him is Catiua. The gentleman coming down the stairs is Vyce. These 3 people belong to the Walisters. The game revolves a lot around the different warring factions/nationalities. The Walisters were attacked a year ago by a group led by the one-eyed Lanselot, leader of the Dark Knights of Bakram. The Galgastani and Bakram have fought a war against the Walister to take over the southern region, resulting in the capture and apparent murder of Sam and Catiua's father, and the capture of the Duke Ronwey.

    VYCE: It's as we heard, Sam. Lanselot's returned.


    The brighter of the word bubbles is the latest one. Catiua is the more cautious and worried member of the rebellion.

    VYCE: What are you saying, Catiua? You'd have us pass up a chance like this?

    CATIUA: It's foolishness to think the three of us might defeat the Dark Knights.

    SAM: They're the ones who've been foolish. And we stand to gain.

    VYCE: Don't tell me you're scared! If you've lost your taste for blood, I'll do this myself.

    SAM: That's enough, Vyce. Let's go.

    [The two men climb the stairs and after a moment's thought, are joined by Catiua. They convene in a hidden area of the village.]

    CATIUA: No.... This won't end well. And what do we "gain" by taking their lives, anyway?

    VYCE: Lanselot is Captain of the Dark Knights, and they are the source of Bakram power. Kill Lanselot, and you remove one of the pillars supporting them. The Bakram will falter, if only for a moment. Yet that moment will be all the encouragement the Galgastani require. They want Valeria for their own, and they will move to take it.

    This is the outside of the church they were hiding in. Catiua still remembers how much damage was done in the last war, and clearly isn't a fan of bloodshed.

    VYCE (moving close): Are we Walister so free of turmoil now, Catiua? We are less than vermin in their eyes - insects to be crushed underfoot.

    CATIUA: If war begins anew, we'll die just the same.

    [Before Vyce can retort a shuffling is heard in the distance.]

    SAM: Shh! They're here.

    VYCE: We'll flank them! Sam, go round behind.

    SAM (nodding): Right.


    This is the leader of the group we've prepared to ambush. Sam is behind the house, preparing to attack from the back. Our goal in this level is simply to take out the leader, so we're prepared to do that.


    This is what it looks like when we get control of our units. The turn list is on the bottom. Each of your units will have a picture there showing you who comes next. The list is based on your class's base speed, equipped weapons(Shields tend to be heavy and really slowing), the distance you move during your turn, and the amount of actions you take on your turn. If you have a really slow character and do an attack, use a skill, have a shield, its quite possible for other characters to get 2-3 turns per yours.

    There is so much talking and backstory in the beginning, I'm going to split this into two posts to make sure there is no problem with the amount of stuff. The intro has a lot of words, and there is a lot of words in other sections of the game, but hopefully it won't be too bad as we get rolling. I'll do my best to explain stuff as it goes, and if you guys notice any problems or inconsistencies let me know so I can fix it.

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    Update 1, part 2: our Ambushing of the vile Lanselot!


    Vyse is considered a guest in this mission, and is computer controlled. He immediately rushes in to attacking the group while Sam takes his time moving from the back of the house to the front. You can see that Vyse has a 0% chance to hit on this target. We're super outclassed here, and the attack is blocked.

    KNIGHT: Who goes there?
    VYCE: Friends of the Resistance...and no friends of yours!
    KNIGHT: The Resistance?
    WINGED : I expected a warmer welcome than this! ...Eh? They're children!
    KNIGHT: Wait. Do you even know who we are?
    VYCE: You're Lanselot, and that makes you my enemy!
    KNIGHT: Lanselot is my name, true. How is that you know me?

    Xenobia(Zenobia in prior games) is another of the countries in this world. It hasn't been a part of the conflict with the Walisters(I think). Theres also a winged Demi-human with them, they're useful for their flight bypassing terrain restrictions and theres a few decent classes they can become.

    CATIUA: And Lanselot of the Dark Knights has but one eye. You have two.
    LANSELOT: One eye, you say? Would that he lacked my name as well. His reputation, it seems, does me no favors.
    KNIGHT: No marauding knights us, but mercenaries come looking for work.
    LANSELOT: I am Lanselot Hamilton, a Holy Knight of Xenobia.
    WINGED : And I am Canopus, the one they name Wind Caller. Our aged companion here is -


    Warren's role is as an advisor. He has a "Warren report" that gives you a list of characters, their relationships to each other, and lets you go back and see past cutscenes. The Warren Report is really useful for getting a better grasp on whats going on.

    YOUNG KNIGHT: Mirdyn Walhorn, a knight of Xenobia, as it please you.
    BEARDED KNIGHT: Gildas is my name. There now, no need to be frightened.
    VYCE: I wasn't - I...I don't know what to say.
    CATIUA: Forgive us, good knights. But perhaps this meeting might benefit us both. We have need of strength such as yours.
    LANSELOT: Tell us your tale, then. We are strangers in this land, and I would hear more of it.
    VYCE: I'm Vyce...and it would seem you are not our enemy.
    CATIUA: I am the sibyl Catiua, and this is my brother, Sam.

    And we're given our first choice, it doesn't seem important and in an effort to get through these first few missions, i'll be making the calls for these beginning choices. Once it seems to be a bigger choice we'll open it up to more crowd-sourced suggestions. I just don't see Sam Jackson being so quick to trust people. I mean come on.

    SAM: Do not be so quick to trust, sister. We know nothing of these men save their name, and that only on their word.
    CANOPUS: You are mistrustful for one so young. Let's leave the children to play amongst themselves, Lanselot.
    LANSELOT: We mean you no harm. Is the benefit of the doubt too much to ask?
    CATIUA: Where are your manners, Sam? Apologize at once!
    LANSELOT (hoisting his sword): I swear upon my blade, on my honor as a knight. I will be no enemy of yours.

    Our second choice. Sam might not be quick to trust, but a knight's oath is pretty good collateral. We'll believe in him for now.
    SAM: A good oath. Forgive our mistrust, Lord Knight.
    CATIUA: You must forgive my brother. He is quick to anger.
    LANSELOT: Already forgotten, though you did give us quite the surprise. Now, do you think we might talk somewhere out of this wretched heat?
    CATIUA: We have just the place. It's not much, but it's secret and it's safe.

    [They adjourn to the church.]


    CATIUA: The Bakram share our deficit...a deficit they've remedied by joining forces with Lodis.
    CANOPUS: So Lodis sent them the Dark Knights Loslorien.
    WARREN: Loslorien is an order under the direct command of High Priest Sardian, ruler of Lodis. They are said to be the greatest of the sixteen orders, and the high priest's favorite besides. Yet he uses them not in open battle, but in shadows and secrecy. They are his ears, and when there is need of it, his dagger. No knights in shining armor, these. In word and deed, they are as dark as their name.
    GILDAS: And these Dark Knights whatever-you-call-them are backing the Bakram, neh?
    VYCE: So why are you come to our isles? Does Xenobia think to claim Valeria as her own? Do Lodis and Xenobia mean to bring their wars to our shores!?
    CATIUA (turning): Enough, Vyce.
    LANSELOT: Your question deserves an answer, Vyce. We are Xenobian, after all. Yet we do not serve as Knights of Xenobia. We were banished. Cast out.
    GILDAS: We're outlaws. No place waiting for us back home, neh?
    CANOPUS: We've come to find work - preferably of the well-paying variety.
    VYCE: I don't trust you, and I don't trust your story. This is -our- fight!
    CATIUA: Vyce, please. Lord Knight, you must forgive our passion.
    LANSELOT: There is nothing to forgive. Your passion does your credit. Tell me, what will you do now?
    SAM: For one, we have to get Duke Ronwey out of Almorica.
    LANSELOT: Duke Ronwey? He is your leader?
    VYCE: Not just us. He leads all the Walister. The Galgastani hold him captive in their castle. They plan to execute him, if the rumors are to be believed. We mean to stop them.
    CANOPUS: A Duke, is it? If his purse matches his title, there's coin to be had.... A little rescue work might be just the thing. How about it, Lanselot? What say you?
    VYCE: Look. I'm sorry for not trusting you. It's true that if we're to rescue the duke, we're going to need help.
    GILDAS: Then there's nothing to be gained jabbering on here, neh? To Almorica Castle!
    CATIUA: Wait! The castle is well defended. A fight there would mean our deaths - and yours, Lord Knight. And I...I've seen enough of fighting. Enough of death.
    LANSELOT: What about you, Sam? Would you have our aid?

    Would we like the help of heavily armored badasses and a dude with wings? Hell yeah. Sam is ready to free the Duke and needs all the help he can get.

    SAM: Without your help, the duke is as good as dead.
    LANSELOT: Then it's settled. We will prepare at once.
    [The Xenobian Knights filter out, followed by Vyce. Catiua remains, staring into the flickering flame and calls to Sam before he can follow the rest.]
    CATIUA: Why do you not heed me, brother? I know how you must feel, but what of my feelings? I don't want to lose you. Our father is dead - a hard truth, but a truth all the same. In all the world, you are the only one bound to me by blood, brother. I couldn't bear to let you die. Forgive me. I know my words will not sway you. Only promise me.... Promise you'll never leave your sister.

    [Before Sam can respond, Vyce rushes back inside.]

    VYCE: What's keeping you? Everyone's ready.

    [Sam turns back to his sister and wordlessly exits.]

    VYCE: You can't coddle him forever. He's no little boy anymore.

    CATIUA: Do not speak to me of my brother. He does not share your lust for blood.

    And here we come to the central theme of all the Ogre Games (at least the ones I've played). Every freedom is earned with the death of others. If you choose to fight the corrupt leaders thousands will die. There is no clean rebellion, no freedoms not paid in blood of the people. The only way to not have the deaths of Civilians and friends on your hands is to just let the status quo keep going on. Is it worth it to be a slave just to not have all that blood on your hands. Follow the laws and keep the peace, or fight and bleed for the freedoms you've been denied. Its a really good thread that works its way through all the games.

    VYCE: You were the one who brought them in here, Catiua!
    CATIUA: Because when I find a tool well-suited for a job, I use it. At least one of us has the sense to recognize an opportunity. You should thank me!
    VYCE: Feh. Is that how you see people? As tools? I'd have expected more of a sibyl.

    [He leaves Catiua alone. She lowers her head and sits in silence.]

    CATIUA (quietly): I only want to see an end of death.

    And thats the end of our Intro scene. Thats a LOT of talking and building up. Now we're into the fun part and what I love of the tactical games. The fighting! I'll go over the status page really quickly, and then next update will include the first two fights and the freeing of the Duke.


    Our Party page, showing the units we control and their order in the list.


    Our Hero's page, showing his stats on the right and his equipment. I'll go into stats in a later update, right now we don't have a huge influence on them and this update is huge so I want to finish it fast.


    Page showing our skill slots. You get skill points after every battle you've been a part of. Skill points buy more skill slots, and skills to fill them. These skills will be how you define and build your characters, you can put weapon proficiency, magic, item usage, a whole bunch of stuff. Ill go more indepth in a later update.



    This is just showing off the amount of skills even the Warriors have. More will be unlocked as you level up. Real quick, if you look at the top right corner of the selected skill it'll have a level required on there. Thats the level of the class you need to unlock it. Class levels are not character specific. If you get a character's Knight to level 4, everyone else who decides to become a knight will start at level 4. Area is the square-size of the skill when you use it. An area of 1 will just hit the single square you target. RT is how much delay you will get by using it, pushing your next turn further. TP is the amount of Technique points it requires, you gain TP by fighting during battles. The points needed to buy the skill are next to it in the list on the left.


    This is an example of the Magic lists, You can pre-learn magic shown by the greyed out spell. You learn spells from scrolls you find or buy, and spells can even be cast by just using the scroll itself instead of learning it. You will need to have the magic type equipped as a skill to cast the spells, but not to use it as a scroll
    And thats it for the first update. Sorry for the Words Words Words, but next update will have two battles in it and the formation of our squad. So hopefully stay tuned. <3

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    @CorriganX Always been a fan of the tactics ogre game, but as they tend to get very complicated past the early game, I've never really stuck through with it. Would love watching you update the thread.
    Hopefully you can add me, Erlec, male divine cleric

    Erlec on
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    KharnastusKharnastus Registered User regular
    I just bought a vita today and started playing as well. Turns out the writing is better than fft. I thought it was just a load of anti fanboy final fantasy. I am super excited to play along with you :)

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    CorriganXCorriganX Jacksonville, FLRegistered User regular
    Thats awesome Kahnastus, if you hold the start button and press R you can take in-game Screenshots. Be sure to share how your team is turning out so we can compare the two. :D Welcome to the vita having club.

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    KhildithKhildith Registered User regular
    Less talking more killing! Samuel L Jackson thirsts for blood!

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    Wooden SpoonWooden Spoon Great for SaucesRegistered User regular
    @CorriganX Great start! I look forward to more.

    FFXIV:Iadrich Loffel
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    JihadJesusJihadJesus Registered User regular
    I have this for PSP; got wiped in the first real battle while having no idea what was happening and never went back. I think it's time to rectify that.

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    Update Number 2 part 1: Where we have 90% computer controlled guests in our party, but at least we get to fight!

    There is a lot of explaining and stuff in this one too. I'll be doing part 1 right now, and i'll post part 2 later today. Once we get into the meat of the game there'll be a bit less explanation and I can condense it into 1 post hopefully. Part 2 will contain the creation of our Knight's Order, and will show the recruiting and equipping of our PA Units.
    Before we begin, this is a picture of our world map. Its pretty basic and only has 1 option for us. We're going to break in and free us a Duke!


    This mission is actually a sequence of two fights back to back. You have time to arrange your units in between, but you cannot leave and buy supplies or anything like that. This is what they show you during these sequential fights.


    With that out of the way, we select the first area and continue on with our plan to free the Duke. Of course its not as easy as just wandering up and opening the doors. Its never that easy.


    Seems like our first real fight is against a Berserker named Bapal. Go ahead, take a minute to say his name a few times. Its fun to say. Bapal. Bapal.

    BAPAL: There's two thousand Goth on that one's head, boys! Half the purse to him what brings him down!


    Yep, poor poor Bapal. (bapalbapalbapal) We have to kill him to proceed. Any units left alive when he dies disappear and we don't get xp and loot from them. Since we can't control most of the units yet its random how many people we'll kill before the fight ends.


    If you open the menu you can check your objectives whenever you want. More clearly labeled, our objective is to Kill Bapal, and not have our Hero Sam die, and we can't have all our units simultaneously knocked out. Not too bad. The combat starts off with our CPU controlled friends explaining a few things. You can jump across small pools of water, but not across water that is further than 1 tile across. Units start a map with 0 mp and gain mp per turn, meaning you can't just start a map with huge explosions and win instantly. It takes a few turns to work up to those things. Everyone else's turns go by while our Hero takes his sweet time preparing. It seems like he is much slower than the rest of the party, but its a sacrifice we make for his survivability.


    This is how far we can move in our first fight. Bapal is about another screen ahead, we won't be reaching him for a bit. Honestly by the time we get to smack him a few times the map is over. Its basically still part of the tutorial. Bapal isn't done talking however. Once our turn is done he has a few words for us.


    BAPAL: A rat can smell a trap, but not our rebels, eh? High time we were rid of your lot.


    And Catiua figures it out, immediately after it being explained clearly to her. She always was the smart one in the family. Sam was more the stabstabstab kinda fella.

    VYCE: Trap or no, we fight or we die! I've never let a Galgastani get the better of me, and I don't mean to start today!
    SAM: Focus, Vyce! Our first duty is to save the duke!
    VYCE: Don't lecture me on duty! Your only duty is to stay alive!
    CATIUA: You should not speak to Sam so! He was only trying to help!

    Bapal finally figures out that the well trained knights aren't your run of the mill Walister rebels.


    [The battle rages on.]
    CATIUA: Are you all right, Sam? You shouldn't let Vyce get to you.
    SAM: I'm fine, sister. Back to the battle!


    Sam finally gets to hit something! Woo! Oh. Its a girl. Doesn't matter, Sam is an equal opportunity ass kicker. Well. Soon-to-be Asskicker. Right now hes hitting for a decent amount but nothing amazing. The front of an enemy is really not the side you want to attack from, you have a better chance of hitting from the side, but we can't move far enough for any other attack so this will have to do.


    Occasionally when you cast a spell it it gives you some flavor text. Always fun to see them, and the one thing I miss playing FF Tactics: War of the Lions vs the original PSX copy of FFTactics. Of course with our badass hero Sam finally in the fray, the fight can't go on much longer



    Vyce delivers the Coup de grâce to poor Bapal.

    [Bapal's forces are overridden and the boss is struck a lethal blow.]
    LANSELOT: The way inside is clear. Stay on guard.
    CANOPUS: Leave the heavy lifting to us, Sam. Cover our flank - that's all we ask.

    Lanselot and Canopus seem to think Sam can't carry his own weight. We'll show them! Maybe not next battle because its still 90% guest characters, but soon!


    These are the items we received from the fight. If you look at earlier screens of the battle you'll see bags of loot on the ground. These are what remains when you kill enemies. If you finish the match with items still there you'll collect them at the end of the match. Enemies can move on top of them during the fight though, and collect them before you can. That classmark on the bottom means I can change the class of a unit from whatever they are to Berserker. That'll be going to @PLA so he can immediately start his new people-punching career as soon as hes recruit.


    This is the class experience page. Each class has their own levels, so if you pick up a new recruit later and change them into a class you've already leveled up they'll start at the max level you've reached. If you unlock a new class though, any unit you switch to that class will be level 1 so its important to plan accordingly.


    This is the skill points page. Skill points are used to buy new skills from the ones available for your class. If you buy a skill you can use it on another class, which means its useful to spec through multiple classes to unlock more abilities to make your characters the best they can be.

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    CorriganX on Steam and just about everywhere else.
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    CorriganXCorriganX Jacksonville, FLRegistered User regular
    edited March 2013
    Update 2, Part 2!

    We just finished our first introductory fight. Now for the second fight before we're returned to the world map. We can't do anything but adjust some skills between the missions. This is what our new mission screen looks like.


    and this is what it looks like on our Class screen.


    You can't see it, but if you field multiple units of the same class, that class levels up faster since each unit gains xp for their class separately. It shows the berserker class, even though we don't have one, because that class is available for us to switch to now that we have the Classmarks required for it. Now, lets start the next fight. Like the fight before it, its a Vanquish Leader objective, and again the leader has something to say to us.


    AGARES: Listen well. We face the rogues who slew Bapal and his men. Underestimate them and share Bapal's fate! Give these rebel swine a taste of Galgastani steel! Almorica shall never fall!

    Our units take their turn, while Sam glares at the enemy ominously. Or he takes forever fumbling with his super heavy shield and ends up at the end of the unit order. Either way this is his first turn.



    And this is what it looks like when you're ending your turn. The widget shows the direction you'll be facing. Like I said in part 1, facing can be very important. Attacking from the front can change your chance to hit by a huge amount and makes it far easier to block. If you have to move into enemy range its important to make sure you're facing the right direction. After a few rounds of purely movement, Agares decides he wants to talk some more smack.


    AGARES: Or do you seek to claim valeria, as Lodis does? I will have your answer!
    LANSELOT: We are men without a country. We have lent them our swords because it suits us to do so.


    Canopus can be a dick.

    AGARES: And worry you'll leave for a bigger purse? We don't need outsiders to do our killing.
    CANOPUS: He makes a good point. Let's rescue this Duke, collect our reward, and be done with it.
    AGARES: A craven who would choose lucre over loyalty deserves only one reward!

    [The fighting continues]



    This is what it looks like when you pick up the bags of loot on the ground. If you pick them up during the fight it secures them for you but, as mentioned earlier, if you leave them they can be stolen by the enemy. Any bags left during the fight will be auto collected once you're victorious. Oberyth is sold to vendors for money you can use to supply your units.


    Sam goes to work stabbing another fe.. hmm. Im starting to notice a trend here. That can't be good.


    And Mirdyn comes in to finish her off.


    Just two random mooks in the back and our Agares left. You'll notice that where the archer was above Sam theres something floating. That is a Tarot Card. When an enemy dies they either become a bag of loot, or a tarot card. You have to collect tarot cards during the mission or they vanish. Whenever you move a character ontop of a card they will gain a random tarot and one of their stats will increase depending on the tarot you recieve. However the CPU Guests finish off Agares before I can actually loot the card with Sam so we'll never know what Tarot was there. I bet it was the Tarot of +999 points of Awesome. Also if you look above Agares's head you'll see a lightning bolt and a down arrow. Thats the symbol for "Lightning Averse" which increases the damage received from lightning. The beginning spells for each school of magic will periodically cause targets hit by it to take more damage from that school of magic.


    Lanselot decides hes had enough of Agares's shit and ends the fight pretty well.


    And thats the end of dear ol' Agares.




    The spoils of war. With that victory achieved, we free the Duke and meet up with him to discuss our next move. Lots of WordsWordsWords incoming!


    RONWEY: Sweeter still that Walister youths came to my aid. Sam, was it? Doubtless you and your friends are a gift from the Great Father Himself. The Walister boon is great, and our future bright!
    SAM: We are not alone in our loyalty. Upon word of your grace's release, many Walister have left their haunts and hideaways for Almorica.
    RONWEY: And there is still time before the Galgastani come to remedy my freedom, though not long, I fear. We must regroup. Now I must ask if the tale our guests have told us is, indeed, the truth.
    LANSELOT: Upon my sword, it is. We are outcasts from our land.
    RONWEY: I do not doubt your sword. It is the whiskers of your companion that give me pause. I hear a diviner matching his description was ever at the side of King Tristan when your New Xenobia came into being two years past. And that you, Sir Lanselot, were captain of the Holy Knights. Is the saint king so brazen as to cast out the very men who placed him upon the throne?


    RONWEY: Lodis plagues us with the Dark Knights Loslorien. How do we know you are not some new menace visited upon Valeria? If New Xenobia does not seek to usurp, I would have your proof.
    CATIUA: Your grace, these Holy Knights risked their own lives to win your freedom.
    LANSELOT: A man can claim knighthood only when he serves a worthy lord. It is for such a man that we seek.
    RONWEY: I have your word then, and its proof shall be in your deeds. You sought a reward - you shall have it, and employment besides. I would have you train our Walister loyals as guards and soldiers here in Almorica.
    LANSELOT: As you wish.
    [Lanselot and his group depart, leaving Sam and his friends alone with the Duke.]


    RONWEY: I met him myself, once. A wise man, Abuna Prancet. What happened in Golyat was...a tragedy.
    CATIUA: Please, your grace, you must avenge our father - no - all the people of Golyat.
    RONWEY: Yet the enemy before us is Galgastan. They must come first. And for that, I will need knights. Knights...such as yourselves. Will you join my table at Almorica?
    VYCE: Us? Knights!?
    RONWEY: As young heroes of Walister, you will serve as a shining example to your clansmen. I would have you become knights in my direct service. You will be the spear that strikes swift and true. Well, what say you?
    VYCE: O-of course. I mean, as you wish, your grace! I know Sam's with me on this.


    Woo! Its time to name our Knightly Order. We only had one real vote for the name. Which Knightly Order is it? Its the one that says..





    And now we get the sweet sweet gold needed to recruit and outfit our PA Units. After this Sam, Catiua, and Vyce head out to get to work, but stumble upon Lanselot and his guys in the foyer.


    SAM: No, it is I who should thank you.
    LANSELOT: So you're off to aid one of the Duke's men. I regret we cannot join you. Above all else, stay alive. Win or lose, while there's life, there's hope.
    SAM: I'll try to remember that.
    CANOPUS: Best not forget. The dead get no second chances.
    SAM: If death were our aim, there are swifter ways to go about it than soldiery.
    LANSELOT: True enough. Still, do not needlessly seek out danger. Enough will find you as it is.
    SAM: Of course.

    [They exchange goodbyes and Lanselot and his group return to the Duke's chamber. Ravness, a feirce noblewoman, greets Sam.]


    RAVNESS: Indeed, accept my thanks on behalf of us all.
    SAM: And you are...?


    RAVNESS: I would ride to Leonar's aid myself, but his grace has other need of me. I fear the task falls to you.
    VYCE: No need of fear, friend. We took back this castle, didn't we?
    RAVNESS: In a manner of speaking, I suppose.
    VYCE: And what "manner" would that be?
    CATIUA: She and her fellow knights drew off the garrison defending the castle, else we would not have succeeded.


    RAVNESS: Make no mistake, I have high hopes for you. We must unite the people behind us if we are to put an end to this endless war. Word of your heroics emboldens them.
    VYCE: Then you hold us up as heroes to serve some stratagem, is that it?
    RAVNESS: If you do not like it, give truth to the lie. Write your own fate on the battlefield.

    [Ravness turns to leave.]

    SAM: May fate smile on us both, Dame Ravness.

    [She turns back to Sam and wordlessly leaves.]


    And with that we're done with the introductory fights! We now have the ability to recruit our own team! We're actually given 5 recruits right now for free, however I immediately dismissed them and used the 30k gold we're given to buy new recruits, and outfit them. But before we get into that, lets have a look at our world map now.


    Thats the next objective area we'll be heading too. You can actually see two of the next areas we'll be fighting in, but before that we're heading into the town we're currently in and check out the shop.


    Our four options are Buy, where you purchase new gear. Sell, where you can sell the spoils you've received from the battlefield. Hire, which lets us recruit our new soldiers, and Auction, where you can sell off Monsters you persuade to join your team. We'll get into recruiting enemies/monsters in a further update. For now we're going to recruit our new team.


    This is what the recruitment looks like. You have your choice of 4 classes, Warrior, Archer, Wizard/Enchantress, or Rune Fencer/Valkyrie. Once you've picked your class you're given the option to rename them. The units you recruit are given 100 skill points to spend, so they're not completely useless to start with.


    @Basil our Cleric.


    @Khildith our 2h Warrior


    @PLA our Fist-happy Berserker.


    @Lord_Snot our Fire mage showcasing the one fire spell he has.


    @RedThorn is our Lightning and Sword specced Rune Fencer Drokmir. I've given him spells already, but he won't actually be able to cast anything until our Rune Fencer/Valkyrie class is higher level.

    As we continue along the amount of units we can field at once will increase and I promise i'll bring the rest of you into the game. If you check the stat pages you'll see hearts underneath the character's pictures. These hearts are their lives. If a unit is taken to 0 health on the field they get knocked unconscious. You then have 3 rounds to revive them with no consequences. If their revival counter hits 0 they'll lose a life and be taken off the field for the remained of the battle. Once they die with 0 lives left, they're lost.

    And next update we'll actually be taking our units out into the field to beat up everyone who comes our way! I'm trying to put out updates quickly, but after Tuesday i'll be a bit into Defiance. I'll still try to get an update out every 2-3 days, but I will definitely look into doing another update before then. If you guys notice any errors, or have any problems feel free to PM me and let me know.

    CorriganX on
    CorriganX on Steam and just about everywhere else.
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    KhildithKhildith Registered User regular
    Looks awesome. This has inspired me to buy and play the game. Maybe I'll try to stay along with you, though I may end up skipping forward.

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    RedThornRedThorn Registered User regular
    I like to think that whenever you name yourself silly things in games that let you name yourself, the NPC is being incredibly sarcastic when they repeat it back to you.

    "Oh the league of Bad Motherfs? A fine name."

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    ErlecErlec Registered User regular
    RedThorn wrote: »
    I like to think that whenever you name yourself silly things in games that let you name yourself, the NPC is being incredibly sarcastic when they repeat it back to you.

    "Oh the league of Bad Motherfs? A fine name."

    You have to admit, it's the finest name this side of Lodis.

    Keep this LP up CorriganX, it's really good!

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    PLAPLA The process.Registered User regular
    Yay! Adventures!

    I just found out that this is really affordable as PSP Essentials.

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    Xenogears of BoreXenogears of Bore Registered User regular
    Pretty much every good PSP game can be found for at most twenty dollars. Most are 15 or less especially if you don't mind UMD.

    3DS CODE: 3093-7068-3576
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    DrakeDrake Edgelord Trash Below the ecliptic plane.Registered User regular
    Great LP Corrigan, this is making me want to dig out my copy of Knight of Lodis and give it a run.

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    CorriganXCorriganX Jacksonville, FLRegistered User regular
    edited April 2013
    Update 3! A lot less talking, and a lot more Stabbity.


    This is where we left off last time. We're heading in to Tynemouth Hill on the way to our real objective. While on the way, we get ambushed and forced to fight.


    This is the party positioning board. Your active party members are on the platform in the center, your guests will be on the mini-platforms on the outside. Right now we have it set up so that Sam, Khildith, PLA, and Drokmir are on the front lines with Basil and Lord Snot in the back row. Honestly for most fights it doesn't matter where you position your guys because the first few rounds end up being your moving into position, so you can readjust your front/back lines after moving. Vyce and Caliua are coming along as guests.


    Once again the Leader that we have to Vanquish has a few things to say before we start. It would appear that these guys were some of the troops that were chasing Ravness and were on their way back to check on the castle. Whoops! Guess they didn't believe that Sam was so awesome he could swoop in and take out Agares! (Okay so he had a little bit of help. Shh.)

    ORBA: Reinforcements for their kinsmen we have pinned down in Krysaro, I reckon. We can't let them pass. Make peace with the light, Walister swine! Today you die!

    [Before Sam can draw his weapon, the flutter of wings is heard.]


    CANOPUS: I am Canopus. Step forward and meet your fate, dogs!

    Its a bit confusing in text, but hes yelling his name and taunting the Enemy here. He kinda steps forward and looks at them.


    Ah the proper objective screen. Orba must die. Easy enough, casters are squishy.


    Here is our squad ready to go in the field. Basil is in cloth, and carrying a staff thats lightweight. He'll be the one starting most of our engagements, which really isn't that bad. It gives him some time to wait a bit and gather mp before the fighting starts. I like to move him just a bit forward then wait 1-2 turns so that he has mana, and hes sufficiently behind the lines but within healing range. Also I should mention that Sam has chosen to take up the class of Knight, and equip a crossbow. We didn't have a lot of ranged offensive classes, so I decided to make him our ranged specialist. At least for the first few levels, when we actually start needing a tank he'll switch around to sword and shield most likely.


    Once Vyce's turn comes around he decides he has a few words for the awesome birdman who just got done helping him rescue the Duke. I mean seriously, Vyce is just a dick.

    CANOPUS: Stubborn as ever, eh? How did one so young grow so thick of skull?
    VYCE: Thick? I'll give you thick!
    [Vyce hurls a stone at Canopus's backside.]
    CANOPUS: Ow! Not the wings!
    CATIUA: Vyce, control yourself!

    [The two men sullenly agree to stop fighting with each other while the battle rages on.]

    Lets take a quick break from the fighting to take a look at some of the cool tricks we have unlocked since we gained control of our own units.


    This is the Chariot Tarot. It allows us to go back up to 50 turns of combat and pick new actions for whatever turn we want. It won't change how things act out if you do the exact same action For example, if you attack someone from the front and miss, then re-do the same attack from the same position you'll miss again, however, if you decide to attack from the side or back you can have a different outcome. The game tracks how many times you use the Chariot Tarot, and I know its possible to miss out on a title if you use it even once, but I don't think its held against you in any gameplay kind of way. Its really useful if shit goes really wrong and you don't want to start over.


    If you press triangle in the middle of a computer's turn you can interrupt the action before the next turn comes in and look at the entire field, or check out your characters information. Its the same things you can do on your own turn but its nice to be able to interrupt a chain of enemy or guest actions if you really need to plan something out.


    Okay, now back to the battle at hand. We've moved our group up closer and finally got into range of the enemy. Lord Snot is the first one to actually engage(Not counting our guest Canopus) and proceeds to fry the shit out of the enemy with his Fire spec.



    Perfect form, nice arc, stuck the landing. 10s all around, except the Russian judge who gave him a 4.5 for his poor posture.


    This guy must agree with the Russian Judge, because he shot an arrow straight into Snot's face in retaliation.


    Once Sam's turn comes back up we're treated to more battlefield conversations.

    VYCE: What's the matter? Lost your nerve? Or has the nagging of your pacifist sister unmanned you? Always hiding behind her skirts.
    CANOPUS: Thick of skull and a bully besides.
    VYCE: That's enough squawking out of you, bird-man!


    Another rock is launched at Canpus. While Vyce is a dick, he has a pretty good arm.


    I missed the next screenshot, but Canopus launches a rock right back and smacks Vyce in the face. I really love this scene.

    CATIUA: You're not men, you're children!


    Back to the fight, our fearless warrior Khildith lifts his weapon, ready to show us how much of a badass he really is.


    Goddamnit Khildith! You have one goddamn job, to stab the shit out of people, and you fuck it up! Yeesh! Luckily we have PLA here to show him how its done.



    Oooh. Right in the kidneys, thats going to leave a (large and fistshaped) mark.



    Drokmir moves up and also is able to slash the opposing warrior in the face. Canopus actually has a few lines of dialogue in this map explaining that its far better to focus all your attacks on one guy until hes dead, rather than spread out your attackers over multiple targets. Its good, if obvious, advice.


    Meanwhile, Snot's face becomes even more of a pin cushion. Enemy archers are really attracted to such a rugged beard.


    Khildith is determined not to fuck this one up. He gets a height advantaged and comes from the side, this practically guarantees a hit. Its always better to attack the back or the side, and from a height advantage. Your accuracy is way higher this way, but sometimes you just have no option but to hit from the front.


    Fuck yeah Khildith. I knew you had it in you.


    This is what it looks like when you pick up a Tarot Card. PLA finds this one buried in the remains of the original warrior that everyone dogpiled.



    And he gets a bonus to his Resistance stat for his troubles. Not bad, Berserkers don't seem naturally tanky so its good to get bonuses that can help with his shortcomings.


    I got used to seeing this image a lot. Catiua fixing's snot Arrow -> Face problems.


    And here we have Basil in action. Funny story about that. Last update you could see Snot and Drokmir's magic pages. Because I recruited Basil first, I outfitted him first, and completely forgot to actually give him any Divine Magic. I mean he had the skill, but no spells learned. I had to use a heal scroll mid-combat to teach him the spell. Whooooops.


    This is the flavor text for Snot's Sparksphere. I really like that it pops up randomly. Just a nice touch.


    And this is the result. Snot actually ended up obliterating a lot of the opposing forces here, and he kept both the healers busy. Its win win.


    Sam picked up an Empress card. Max MP 5 isn't huge for him, since he'll usually be casting heals which are somewhat cheap and with his slow speed he doesn't get a lot of turns to build up huge mana pools. Still its a free bonus so eh.



    PLA punches a dude so hard a tarot card flies out of him, and on his next turn moves and picks it up. Good draw, too.



    I've pretty much got this fight in the bag so I take the time to show off the magic flight patterns. If I target Vyce who is in front of Basil, when Snot fires his Sparksphere it goes in a straight line and actually fries Basil instead of the intended target. Its important to make sure you have a clear shot to the person you're actually intending to hit. Archers actually have a skill called Trajectory that will give you a line showing where the arrow will actually land.



    The blue line shows where the arrow will go. You can see in the first picture that it'll hit Khildith who is between Sam and his target, and in the second picture it will hit the elevated rocks instead of the target that would be standing up there. Because Sam has a crossbow his arrow's flight is straight, if he had been using a short bow or great bow he would be able to arc the arrows up and above targets to land the trickier shots.


    Drokmir shows off what skills you have when you don't have any ranged weapon equipped. It does 1 damage at this level, but hey. At least its something right? No. The mage blocked the damn thing. Oh well. Just showing new things.


    Khildith decides to make up for his earlier attack being blocked and rushes into show Orba who's boss.



    And he does a pretty good job of it. The reason that he only did 21 damage to Orba is because you can't do more damage than the target has left in life. Thats the end of the fight! Now lets see what we got for our troubles.




    If you look in the class XP panel, theres 2 humanoid pictures next to the Warrior class. Thats because both Khildith and Vyce are considered warriors, so they get more xp than the other classes. I don't think its 2x but its definitely a boost.


    And after the fight Canopus requests to join our Order! Definitely a great choice since he has flying and can easily get around the map. Hes also able to use bows and has a level in them to start with so he can use Finishing Moves already. I'll try to use them next fight so I can show them off. Basically you save up a lot of TP from performing actions and then do massive damage to a target. Always handy! So, what do I think? Should we recruit the flying death machine?


    Hell fuck Yes. We want this guy and we'll be bringing him along on most fights. Its just so crucial to have at least 1 flying unit to get in and out and take out the backlines.


    And this is what the world map looks like when we're done. Great job team. We really wrecked the enemy, cleared it out with absolutely no problems.


    Hmm. Looks like @Lord_Snot is sleeping on the job again. :( (This may not have happened in the real game, just the fun of taking extra Screenshots.).

    We haven't come to very many decision points yet, but I know they'll be coming up near the end of this Act at least. I'll try to do another update for tomorrow, but the rest of the week will be kinda sketchy because of Defiance coming out. Hope you guys are still enjoying it. I think we get room for another person after the next battle, so we'll be recruiting @Quarthinos to the Order.

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    CorriganX on Steam and just about everywhere else.
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    BasilBasil Registered User regular

    Poor Snot.

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    KhildithKhildith Registered User regular
    I hit something! Woo! I also got to destroy a leader dude! Woo! Already my avatar in your game is more useful than my entire team in my game! ... woo?

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    CorriganXCorriganX Jacksonville, FLRegistered User regular
    Okay, so for Random encounters i'll take a few Screenshots at the start, and make sure to get some screenies of the skill/xp at the end, but I'm not going to be taking a whole bunch of actual combat shots. For regular story modes i'll be more likely to take pictures and write em up more in depth. I wanted to get into at least 1 random battle before the next update so I could get the next tier of armor for the troops, then immediately hit another random battle after buying the stuff I needed. Going to be working towards another update tomorrow with the story battle + a small bit about the random encounters. Heres a hint for you guys, the random battles include a shit ton of lizard men, and my getting my ass kicked and barely surviving. :p

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    GeddoeGeddoe Registered User regular
    edited April 2013
    Everytime I see a post or screenshot about this game, anywhere, I want to start playing again(a bit like BGII that way). Then I remember what I am actually doing in my playthrough and lose interest.

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    PLAPLA The process.Registered User regular
    Basil is the kind who just wings the written exam without studying.

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    CorriganX has been kidnapped by Xenogears of Bore and is being held for ransom! Solve the riddle to set em' free, or I'll hand em' over to Clamps!

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    Slick doesn't rhyme with bitch at all!

    PLA on
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    Khildith has been kidnapped by anoffday and is being held for ransom! Solve the riddle to set em' free, or I'll hand em' over to Clamps!

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    Vincent GraysonVincent Grayson Frederick, MDRegistered User regular
    After never really getting into the SNES or PSX version, the PSP version of this just rocked my world. I put damn near 100 hours in and finished with an almost perfect save.

    Once I get a Vita, this is definitely getting played again. Look forward to seeing how this LP goes.

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    CorriganXCorriganX Jacksonville, FLRegistered User regular
    Hmm. So it turns out that Imgur has a 225 image cap unless I pay money for pro. That can be.. problematic. Fuck.

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    free email accounts?

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