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[1UP.COM] The last podcast. Parish, Mielke, Tsao, Chou, Shoe, Seanbaby, Palacios, etc.

ArchsorcererArchsorcerer Registered User regular
edited April 2013 in Games and Technology

From the description on the feed:
Recorded during the week of the annual Game Developers Conference, join us as we say goodbye to 1UP.COM. Get ready for three-hours of podcast magic filled with memories and stories from some of your favorite 1UP editors. We thank you for all your support through the years.

Get it here:

I stole this list from a GAF user of some of the people that showed up.
Dan Hsu

Michael Donahoe

Jennifer Tsao

Alice Liang

Tina Palacios

Robert Ashley

Jane Pinckard

Mark MacDonald

Anthony Gallegos

Jeremy Parish

Andrew Pfister


Ryan O'Donnell

Matt Chandronait

James Mielke

Che Chou

Sam Kennedy

Karen Chu

Matt Leone

I'm sad. :cry:

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  • LBD_NytetraynLBD_Nytetrayn TorontoRegistered User regular
    I wish I could have been a part of that. Heck, I'd have been happy to be a greater part of Retronauts Lunch Break than just the guy whose tweets they read constantly.

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  • DasUberEdwardDasUberEdward Registered User regular
    Apparently I am doing something very wrong with video game celebrities. I only know Seanbaby on that list.

  • lionheart_mlionheart_m Registered User regular
    I feel so damn old when I read that list. I'll try to check it out during the week.

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  • ArchsorcererArchsorcerer Registered User regular
    edited May 2013
    Greg Sewart has his own podcast these days. I wonder what happened to Jeanne Kim and Kraig Kujawa.

    I little search throws Kraig working at Iron Galaxy.

    Archsorcerer on
    XBL - ArchSilversmith

    "We have years of struggle ahead, mostly within ourselves." - Made in USA
  • NinjabearNinjabear Registered User regular
    I'm listening to this now. I'm at the 1:45 mark.

    Alice Liang sounds "so" British now.

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