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Metroidvania Games for PSP

revanmannrevanmann Registered User new member
Hey, I recently got back into the Metroidvania style of games, and I'm planning on getting Castelvania: Symphony of the Night tomorrow on PSN for my PSP, I'm excited I've never played it before.
but i got Cave Story on it too and it's amazing, I'm wondering if there's and of you who know of more amazing indie Metroidvania games out there for the PSP, or even commercial games, or games i could emulate. I have custom firmware too. Super Metroid is my all time favorite game ever.

Also (off topic) any great stealth games i could get on my PSP like Metal Gear Solid? (my 2nd faveorite game ever) Thanks


  • Xenogears of BoreXenogears of Bore Registered User regular
    You can get...Metal Gear Solid!

    Sadly, you have the one and only true Metroidvania on PSN.

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  • revanmannrevanmann Registered User new member
    well I allready Own the PS1 discs of MGS plus the PSN release, and i meant indie games too, not necessarily on PSN

  • RenzoRenzo Registered User regular
    Just a heads-up, we don't talk about emulation or custom firmware here.

    As for metroidvania games on PSP, it's Symphony or nothing. There's really nothing else.

    And for stealth, there's the MGS games, including Peace Walker and Portable Ops. And Shinobido, if you're in Europe.

  • SmokeStacksSmokeStacks Registered User regular
    edited April 2013
    revanmann wrote: »
    Also (off topic) any great stealth games i could get on my PSP like Metal Gear Solid? (my 2nd faveorite game ever) Thanks

    The Syphon Filter games (for the PS1 and PSP) are also available on the PSN, if you're looking for stealth/action.

    If you want a stealth game that is a completely unique experience, you should check out the old Metal Gear Acid games (if you can find them). It's grid based MGS with card based attacks/movement with a story that is off the wall (even for MGS standards).

    As a last resort you could check out Splinter Cell: Essentials for the PSP. The Splinter Cell series is incredible, and the game for the most part runs and looks fine, it's just extremely difficult to control using only one analog stick.

    I've never played Manhunt 2, but it also hit the PSP and I heard it has a lot of stealth gameplay.

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  • revanmannrevanmann Registered User new member
    I do have and really enjoy Peace Walker, not Portable Ops just yet.
    And are the Syphon Filter games any good?
    Splinter Cell Is amazing, I'm not to sure about essentials though

  • RenzoRenzo Registered User regular
    The PSP Syphon Filter games ARE good. The second one is better than the first, but they are both very good. More action-y than Splinter Cell for sure, but it still rewards stealth. The second one was probably the best-looking PSP game at the time.

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