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flatlineflatline Registered User regular
I'm hoping that the whole meltdown that's occurring over on the Prime side is limited to the west-coast PAX. Their 4-day passes just sold out in somewhere under 20 minutes. They have a queue system, and I've been staring at the "Youre in... the QUEUE" page for 45 minutes. It seems that the system has created an ouroboros-like construct wherein the people who get through the queue try to buy tickets, but their connections keep timing out, so they start over again, never freeing up space for those of us still in the queue to move forward.

Anyway, I'm just hoping that East continues to be somewhat sane when it comes to supply-vs-demand and stuff.

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    zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    I'm sure that they will learn from this experience.

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