Let's Talk About Charles Burns

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Black Hole is that book for me. The one I give to all my friends who say things like, "I can't take comic books seriously" or "this is not a viable career choice Kodi." At least I give it to them after sufficient warning about the nightmares sure to follow. His newest works X'ed Out and The Hive are just slightly less creepy but just as engrossing. This is the sort of artist that gets a really strong reactions from people, good and bad. A huge inspiration to me. What do you guys think? What's the comic you show to people to show them comics aren't just for kids? (I'm sure that's already a thread so I'm sorry if I'm being redundant.)




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    AmiguAmigu Registered User regular
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    I've read X'ed Out and The Hive. That series is such a fascinating mixture of memory, dream logic and a nasty break up. Oh and of course gross stuff but to me the grossness just kid of weaves into the overall vibe of the book. To see it as a shock factor book would be missing the point. I bought Black Hole off the back of reading those two books but it's just so thick and dense that I've let it sit on my shelf for the last month. I'm sure I'll get around to it eventually and have my mind blown.

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    DouglasDangerDouglasDanger PennsylvaniaRegistered User regular
    I thought Black Hole had neat artwork, but the story was not really my thing.

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    GustavGustav Friend of Goats Somewhere in the OzarksRegistered User regular
    I remember reading and loving Black Hole in my freshman year of college. Especially his way of drawing. Basically a Daniel Clowes by way of EC horror comics, which was really cool.

    That said, storywise, I can only remember broad strokes and some particular images. I really need to reread it.

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