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Hey everybody,

I recently decided to get my comic book art to the next level, having been a really passionate doodler from early, even tho I've never really had any intention to try and "breakthrough" in the industry as an independent comic book author.

Coming from a Graphic Design/Classical art background a lot of the basics in the process still elude me, still have to figure out that "flatting" thing all the cool kids are talking about hehe, So taking from my work at school, where we started doing some short random limb studies I tried to kind of replicate the same thing and apply to comic book art-style.


They're a great exercise I recommend to all artists, it shows you where you're at and helps you deal with a lot of important decisions but on a small scale as to not get overwhelmed with the process. Also they don't take that much time to do; I try to keep mine around 30 mins. They're all studies from photographs and it's amazing how they can teach you to fail and fast.

Coloring still takes me ages, coming from painting makes it pretty counter-intuitive, my main issues being color picking and balancing out the amount of rendering I want in the form. So far I only limited myself to two values per color which is already giving me a hard time lol.

Inking is also another area I'd like to work on, all of these were done digitally on Photoshop using the amazing Frenden brushes for photoshop (best 5 bucks you'll ever spend on your digital-art making). Till next update

-Yasser Out


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    I like it. Lets see more.
    I heard bad things about the inkling.

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