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Buzz Cut for Thinning Hair

LastlineofdefenceLastlineofdefence Registered User new member
I am 26 and for the last 3-4 years have started going thin on top. My father was bald from about 30, although not as badly as mine if my memory serves me right to when he first started, thinning out and all of his brothers, my uncles are bald. I have always been conscious of my thinning hair but it seems to have become more noticeable over the last few months. It seems that at times of stress when busy in work etc the hair loss picks up. Having spent hours every week agonising in front of the bathroom mirror about my situation I am coming to the conclusion that I am best of buzzing what is remaining but am worried about the initial reaction it will receive. My baldness seems to be more at the front. Worried also that if I do buzz it, it will make it plainly obvious to people that I am going bald.
After every haircut I now get it seems to reveal more scalp and less hair, which is leading me to put of going to the barbers for as long as possible which doesn't look great. I would usually have kept my hair tidy, 3 blade on the back and short on top.
I am 6 ft 2 and would have considered myself to be quiet handsome, however my current hair style is causing a serious knock to my self confidence. It may almost seem that I am delaying the inevitable but think that it may be just for the best to be done with it. The fact also that I am quiet fair skinned, I wouldn't consider myself to be pale but I am definetely not sallow skinned, might make it look ridicoulous if I shave it all off.
I tried some products to prevent hair loss but found them all useless and just a drain on money. When I gave up on these I still had a respectable amount of hair on top but a year on my situation has worsened.
My girlfriend tells me not to worry about it that it's not that bad but sometimes I think she is saying only that to make me feel better. Subconciously I feel that it has become noticeable to everyone.
Tried to upload a pic of my head from top down to give a proper view of 'what's left'. I would like to go out with some dignity and prevent the use of a combover which is something I have done without meaning too. Looking face on to me I can pull off the art of deception but when I lower my head it can be quiet revealing. If I was to make a compaison to someone known who is thinning on top it could be Jude Law, maybe not to the extreme level as he went before getting a transplant but not a million miles off.

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