Looping videos without the use of a computer, is it possible?

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So because of where I work, I have access to laptop screens for fairly cheap. Which sparked an idea for a project.

Basically, I want to be able to build a screen into a piece of wargaming terrain, like a cliff face or whatever I come up with, and play a looping video.

So like, you'd look at a mountain side, but there's a giant cave, and inside is a whirling portal to who knows where. Or you have a giant pit, and inside it is a bubbling lake of molten lava.

Here's a super professional illustration of what I'm thinking.


I want to accomplish this with the least amount of parts possible. Is it possible to rig up an optical drive and some sort of power source, and get it to loop a short video I burn on to a disk?

I also want to do this with much smaller cell phone screens. For something with a sci-fi (syfy?) feel. Like say, a tower with multiple screens, say 10 total. And have maybe 5 videos looping on two screens each.

Like so:

Is there a way to accomplish this?

EDIT: Is this something I should have posted in H/A?

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