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Android on a Nook?

PeenPeen Registered User regular
My wife's got a Nook HD+ and since they pushed the latest updates it's been twitchy as hell. I know you can get stock Android onto it, I found the N2A cards, but is there a cheaper/free way to get Android?


  • wmelonwmelon Registered User regular
    I've been researching this myself. So far all I've found is that there are ways to run cyanogenmod off of a microsd card, but not anyway to replace the stock operating system. If you come across anything I'd love to hear about it.

  • furlionfurlion Riskbreaker Lea MondeRegistered User regular
    I put Android on my Nook Touch and yeah, it only adds on to it, not overwrites the default OS. Sadly I think there is too much of the hardware tied into the B&N OS for anyone to bother figuring out how to remove it completely.

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  • dlinfinitidlinfiniti Registered User regular
    edited May 2013
    try here
    this thread specifically if you're thinking about moving away from stock and running cyanogenmod off the internal memory

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  • PeenPeen Registered User regular

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