Troubleshooting home network speed

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I'm at a loss trying to nail down the issue here. My personal machine, a laptop that's usually stationary, started getting under 1Mbps today. I've got a few machines available here, so I ruled out some things.

I connected my work laptop to the modem by cable to rule out the connection, and pulled down 15ish Mbps, which is what Time Warner advertises, so good.
I connected my work laptop to the router by cable and got similar results (though I had to restart everything for it to even connect).
I connected my work laptop by wireless, and still pulled down good speed. Even on the opposite side of the apartment.
Thinking the issue was my computer, I took it to the office, connected by wireless, and pulled down 20Mbps.

So when I got back home, I moved the router into the living room, which is adjacent to where my laptop sits. That didn't seem to improve things much, so I moved the laptop to a spot less than 3 feet from the router. Here it seemed to pull down 4Mbps. But at that range I might as well as connect by wire, by which I'm pulling down 17Mbps.

So the only thing I can think of is that my laptop's wireless is the culprit, and my work speeds are just due to an amazing setup. Unless there's anything I might be missing.

I'm thinking the cheapest fix is just buy 20' of cat6 and connect my machine to the router.


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    RderdallRderdall Registered User regular
    Sounds like you've done all of the necessary troubleshooting steps, and I don't think you've missed anything. If a cable running across your floor isn't desireable, you can always buy a USB WiFi stick for your Laptop to use instead of its internal card. I've used these at home to take advantage of a Wireless N signal, even though my laptop only supports b/g.

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    Sort of the same happened to me, though different devices. My TV has built in wifi which worked fine, pulled the same speeds as everything else. Then I got a new dual-band router. With both 2.4 and 5Ghz bands going, the TV took a nose dive to <1Mbps. Everything else worked great. If I turned off the 5Ghz band or switched to a 2.4 only router, suddenly it's fine. I'm thinking it's just a cheap wifi card in the TV that can't handle the mere presence of a 5Ghz signal (even though it's connecting to 2.4). It's possible that a wifi card going out may do the same thing. If you haven't got a 5Ghz router, perhaps one of your neighbors does.

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    electricitylikesmeelectricitylikesme Registered User regular
    Check you're not on auto-channel mode. Its possible you're router is roaming up and down too aggressively against neighboring channels. Set it to just 1 reasonably clear channel.

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