FireFall's gutsy refusal to listen to its player base!

NakataNakata Registered User new member
The Extra Credits on the JC Penny effect was great, and for those of us playing the FireFall beta it rang clear and true. Great episode!

For those of you who don't know however, the latest patch includes something called 'repair pool' for all the gear which when depleted renders your items useless. Forever.

The community has all but begged for this change to be rescinded, but Red5 - the developers of FireFall - are not to be moved on this issue. The 70-page thread on this issue is the stuff of legend already but has elicited no further response from the developers to so much as acknowledge this as an issue.

Thread: forums.firefallthegame.com/community/threads/the-concept-of-durability-how-its-good-and-how-its-bad.145541/

I ask Penny Arcade - Mike, Jerry, Scott, and everyone else - isn't this fuel for comics? I really hope so.

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