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Rain-Slick Precipice 2 (OS X) issue with transfering character from the first game

the8tharkthe8thark Registered User regular
I have been lurking on these forums for a while and I thought I'd register to ask a question about an issue I am having.

I have purchased Rain-Slick Precipice 1 and 2 via the Mac App store. And I have finished the first game. And I read somewhere you can supposedly transfer the character or parts of it over into the second game. But nowhere can I do this. And I am wondering why this is or how to do it. I am a little confused here. Can anyone help out?

Also a side question. Why is Rain-Slick Precipice 3 available on the US Mac App Store (for OS X) but not on the Australian store?
I'd like to know so I can purchase it.

Thank you for your time.


  • jippeejippee Registered User regular
    Normally, when you've finished the first game, the second episode will automatically ask if you want to import your character from the previous one.
    But If I remember well, the first time you play either, you can't play Insane Mode... maybe you've chosen a different difficulty setting. Another issue may occur when both games' preferences are stored in different locations? For instance, mine are in ~/Library/Preferences/HotheadGames/folder: RainSlickEp1 & folder: RainSlickEp2.

    Side issue: I think I had something similar, so I just created a Steam account and got it there.

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  • the8tharkthe8thark Registered User regular
    Thanks a lot for your reply.

    On the first issue, I looked everywhere for the preference files. And for me they are not in the location you described. For me they are in:
    ~/Library/Application Support
    And in that application support folder I have 2 folders called:

    This is rather strange indeed that my preference files are in a different place to yours. Would that be making a difference? Both folders are in the same parent folder. But called totally different things. The games with totally fine apart from the fact I never get the automatic ask of importing my data from the first game when I make a 2nd game. (I have not played insane mode) only beat the standard mode. And game difficulty would not mean much I assume as you can change that at anytime.

    So this is very strange indeed.

    And on the 2nd issue. I could use steam I guess or just play it via iOS. I never thought about steam and thanks.

  • jippeejippee Registered User regular
    edited June 2013
    I guess the differences may be because I bought both games years ago right after they were released respectively, and they were also supposed to run on the older OSXes, that use the Preferences folder instead of the Application Support for certain games. It shouldn't matter for transferring your character, though. I'm not sure if there's any active support for the first two episodes left and if so, where it could be found. If it doesn't transfer at all, you're not missing out on any major advantages though: You'll still be able to play the game perfectly fine.

    edit/simple afterthought: (I'm not sure if it's even possible to fight the final boss without saving the game beforehand) but can it be that there is no end-savegame from ep1? I'm pretty sure you need that.

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  • the8tharkthe8thark Registered User regular
    The game does ask you to save it before the last boss. You can say no to this. Not sure what I pressed for that. But there is a completed games option on the main menu for games where you have beaten the main/last boss in Episode 1. And if you rebeat the game on the same save it just gives you more completed games. So hmmm not so sure.

    Anyways as you say you're not missing much if you can't get the transfer to work. So that is good to know.
    Thanks for your help.

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