Tiny issue with mobile version layout

So I love forum'ing on my phone while I'm at the bank, waiting in line, etc.

But after this latest update, the layout of the quick reply section at the bottom has changed. Now, instead of having it like this:

Home * Games & Technology * <Post Comment Button>

It's like this:

Home * Games & Technology
<Post Comment Button>

Which seems like a small thing to bitch about, I realize, but the thing is it's reeeally hard on a small screen (like a phone) to click the button without accidentally pressing the G&T link instead. When that happens, I have to load the thread back up, and usually retype the last sentence or two of my post because the draft is 30 seconds old or whatever.

And for some reason, it seems that zooming in is disabled on the mobile version? Or else I'd just do that.

Is there any way this can be fixed? Like I said, I realize it's absolutely an edge case/small annoyance, I just figured I'd ask.



  • ScudoScudo Registered User regular
    This has been giving me trouble, too, but for the opposite reason: I keep accidentally posting drafts trying to click the link.

  • Gandalf_the_CrazedGandalf_the_Crazed Vigilo ConfidoRegistered User regular
    I actually clicked "sign out" the other day when trying to post. That was fun. :-P

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