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So call me a nerd, but... (MTG)

chimpachimpa Connor JacobsBrisbaneRegistered User regular
Anyone else realised that M14 is officially released on the weekend of PAX? There have only been a couple of notes over at Wizards, but they hint at the fact that WotC is definitely planning to do something special for us. I wonder what is in store? :)]

I'm rubbish at the game, but I'm looking forward to getting at least a bit of practice in while I'm there.


  • philomglolphilomglol Melbourne, AUSRegistered User regular
    I assume Wizards would have a large presence like at OG PAX, more so as they already have a pretty good attendance. I think they'll be running drafts/tournaments/other whatever the case. And if not, someone will get it done.

    According to their site, more info as it happens I suppose.

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  • fantanoicefantanoice Quiet, please, it's snack time! Registered User regular
    I'd be up for a game or two (presuming I remember to bring my deck). It is a massive one-trick pony, though. XD

  • KevralynKevralyn Registered User regular
    Love to come along and play, haven't touched Magic in... well, over a year I think. Since East 2012! Need to hunt down some cards there :>

  • chimpachimpa Connor Jacobs BrisbaneRegistered User regular
    Doesn't seem to be anything special MTG-wise announced on the PAX or Wizards site. Shame. Was hoping for an official release sealed event, etc...

  • KevralynKevralyn Registered User regular
    edited July 2013
    Don't mind an unofficial one either, but then I probably wouldn't enter an event anyway. Sealed takes a long time, yo? Definite up for casual fly-by Magic, or queue-boredom-busting :D
    As an aside, want me to get some Japanese cards?

    (Oh and thanks, good reminder to remember my DCI card...)

    Kevralyn on
  • CyferCyfer Registered User new member
    Any news on if Wizards will have a store at PAX to buy product?

  • philomglolphilomglol Melbourne, AUSRegistered User regular
    OK so. Reporting back from today, Wizards (or someone?) is running some kind of promo under The Big Top:

    You show them a "Starter" Pack of M14 you'll receive a lanyard to track your wins under certain circumstances,
    Each win nets a booster AFAIK (I could be wrong I just picked up my lanyard for tomorrow, ran out of time),
    There are two booths/stores not directly related to Wizards right next to this setup selling everything MTG/Wizards.

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  • thedevilwusterthedevilwuster Registered User new member
    Hi all. thedevilwuster here from the WOTC forums. There is great anticipation this weekend as WOTC will release the first 2 promotional card unlock codes for Magic 2014 Duels of the Planeswalkers. One will be at PAX AUS and one at San Diago.

    I implore the first one who finds out what the code is please post it in this thread. It will be immediately shared with the community and then, of course, spread like wild fire.
    Thanks and enjoy your weekend all.


  • thedevilwusterthedevilwuster Registered User new member
    Well, no word from here and a negative from San Diego. I love how WOTC treats the smaller but significant DOTP community.

    Thanks anyway.

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    Something tells me a lack of response in this forum means literally nothing about WOTC.

  • thedevilwusterthedevilwuster Registered User new member
    They had some issues rolling them out. They were to supposed to come out at the events.
    Here they are.
    Codes only work for ps3, android and steam for the moment.
    Xbox and Ipad will be coming shortly. Each code unlocks one card in each of the ten decks.

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