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Wacom tablets

OakeyOakey UKRegistered User regular
Does anyone have any experience with Wacom graphics tablets? I ordered a Bamboo today to have a dabble as it was only £40 but I've seen the Cintiq 12 for around £400, I was wondering what peoples experience of them are?

Hoes does the screen work? Is it like an extended display in Display Properties?


  • WassermeloneWassermelone Registered User regular
    edited June 2013
    It works as a full seperate monitor, but you can also use it like the bamboo - IE drawing on it while the cursor moves on the screen you have your program on.

    I use a full sized cintiq for work everyday and they are a professional level piece of equipment. The 12in one I have no experience with but I have heard it has some problems with shaky/trembling input.

    They recently came out with a 13in version that is supposed to be leagues better (I ordered one for personal use), but honestly unless you are doing this professionally or have it as a really serious hobby, theres no real reason to have the Cintiq line. If you like the bamboo a lot, I would suggest upgrading to the Intuos line which is a professional quality product as well, just sans the screen.

    The other thing to do would be to get a Yiynova. Its like a cintiq, but not made by Wacom and a lot cheaper. Its not as good as a cintiq, but its also... a lot a lot cheaper. It doesn't really have any problems but theres a lot of features/ease of use things that the Cintiq just gets right. All the same, its a pretty good product and an interesting development considering Wacom has basically had a monopoly on the market for forever.

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  • OakeyOakey UKRegistered User regular
    Well I'm a designer so it's for professional use but the last time I looked at these things they were mega bucks (the 24" Cintiq is like £2000 here). The 12" one seemed reasonably cheap but the reviews don't rate it too highly. Still waiting on the Bamboo so once I've given it a whirl I'll consider one of the larger ones.

    I'll have a Google for the other thing.

  • WassermeloneWassermelone Registered User regular
    Sorry for the assumption, I'm just used to responding to this question from beginners and having to convince them they don't need a 2000+ gadget to learn art/design.

    Check out the new 13hd. Looking it up, its £800 which is obviously a lot more than £400 for the 12in but its supposed to be a lot a lot better than the 12 inch one and its still a lot a lot less than £2000.
    Looks like you wouldn't even have to wait either. I ordered mine a month and a half ago and I'm still in line.

  • OakeyOakey UKRegistered User regular
    Yeah that 13hd looks okay but I'm put off by the 1080p resolution as my monitors are 1920x1200. I need to try and find somewhere local that has them on demo.

  • ZiggymonZiggymon Registered User regular
    I'd say if you are used to using the bamboo, go look for the latest intros model.

  • OakeyOakey UKRegistered User regular
    My Bamboo still hasn't arrived yet! I'm already considering a bigger one if it's as useful as I hope it is.

  • ShadowBladeShadowBlade Registered User regular
    Before you invest too much, you may want to give this a read:
    He is not the only one with this opinion:
    There are many more as well. It is gaining quite the following and there is an HD version coming up.

    This also seems relevant:

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