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All Game 'Unlocks' and 'Achievements' are based on ideas developed by the Catholic Church.

WisdoWisdo Registered User regular
You ever notice that the Catholic church is based on gaming principles or since one came before the other, visa versa? (use of latin ok in this context!).

Saying prayers for 'souls in purgatory' unlocks achievements in that realm - enough prayers OF THE RIGHT KIND and they can get out. Obviously sacrifices (rare 'epic' prayers) are worth more. Saying a mass for someone is the equivalent of a 'guild raid' or 'level 5 mission' for lootz.

That's why the reformation happened. Selling indulgences was 'pay to win' and people DO NOT LIKE pay to win.


  • YogoYogo Registered User regular
    Dude, lay off the weed.

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