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Plant me

Magus`Magus` Registered User regular
I need a decent sized floor plant for my computer room. After re-organizing it I find I have a fair amount of floor space and I figured a plant would be a nice thing. Something with noted health benefits would also be a plus. Something easy to take care of is a huge need. Also something a cat isn't automatically drawn to for claw time.


  • SkeithSkeith Registered User regular
    How much sun does the prospective spot get?

    mts wrote: »
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  • GafotoGafoto Registered User regular
    A peace lily is a good option if you don't have much sun. They're the classic bulletproof houseplant.

  • Magus`Magus` Registered User regular
    I can put it in direct (via window) sunlight, if necessary.

  • ShadowfireShadowfire Vermont, in the middle of nowhereRegistered User regular
    Gafoto wrote: »
    A peace lily is a good option if you don't have much sun. They're the classic bulletproof houseplant.

    If Magus' animals are drawn to plants, a peace lily is mildly toxic to cats.

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  • MetroidZoidMetroidZoid Registered User regular
    Snake Plant (Sanseveria)'s are great, come in a variety of heights. Average water. Ficus' are good too, but the Benjamin (think shopping mall tree) has a lovely habit of dropping all of it's leaves once in awhile, then regrowing them. Be wary of palms, some do well and some do not.

    If you have a big box store near by (Wal-Mart, Fred Meyers, etc), you can usually pick up a 5 Gallon pot size plant for under $30, and it will be plenty big enough.

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  • cabsycabsy the fattest rainbow unicorn Registered User regular
    You could grow herbs or even veggies if you're into cooking! Pretty and practical. If you go that route, don't plant mint in with anything else, it spreads like weeds. Make sure the base is stable so your cat(s) don't knock it over, advice courtesy of my cat finally sending my basil pot flying yesterday. And all lilies are somewhat toxic to cats iirc, so no lilies!

  • YoSoyTheWalrusYoSoyTheWalrus Registered User regular
    Honestly, easiest option is probably just to walk into Home Depot and say "Sell me an indoor plant that will not die very easily." You won't get something weird or exotic but you will get something that won't shrivel if you forget water for a day. They'll know if it's poisonous or not, also.

  • Sir CarcassSir Carcass I have been shown the end of my world Round Rock, TXRegistered User regular
    Get an orange tree

    I'm serious, they make a cool and unique indoor plant

  • GdiguyGdiguy San Diego, CARegistered User regular
    Get an orange tree

    I'm serious, they make a cool and unique indoor plant

    Just make sure you don't have allergies :)

    (I had to move a couple potted citrus trees indoors for a couple nights due to frost, and my fiancee got so stuffed up that she could barely breathe)

  • Magus`Magus` Registered User regular
    I don't have any allergies and I don't KNOW my cat will attack a plant, but just going by the other things they've been scratching I wasn't.. sure.

  • greebzillagreebzilla Registered User regular

    alternatively, do a search for 'eggling' (a pot shaped like an egg which comes pre-seeded - just crack open and add water)

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