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godmodegodmode Southeast JapanRegistered User regular
I've noticed a couple problems with the PM system lately:
1. A list of username suggestions no longer appears when choosing message recipients
2. Sometimes, the messages will not send correctly and the recipients will receive notifications but cannot open the message thread. I've been told about this happening both in a new message, and when adding someone to an existing message thread.

What info can I provide to help diagnose this?


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    SpoitSpoit *twitch twitch* Registered User regular
    For the 2nd one, sometimes it's waaaaay at the end of all your PMs, so you need to keep going back on the pages until you reach the last page

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    Shazkar ShadowstormShazkar Shadowstorm Registered User regular
    this also, has happened to me (#2)

    someone added me to a PM thread, i got a notification for it, i cannot find or see or access the thread, and my PM inbox always says I have a message, which I cannot find

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