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Trigeminal Neuralgia

SweetdaddyGSweetdaddyG Lisburn, Northern IrelandRegistered User regular
So, I was diagnosed about two months ago with TN It is a debilatating chronic pain condition that affects the face. There is a nerve in your cheek or thereabouts that controls pain in the face and mine has gone haywire. I was prescribed Lyrica/Pregabolin for this, but its starting to wear off. I am going to see a Neurologist on Friday (NHS yay) but am scared to death of what he will say.
It feels rather like what I imagine being tazered in the face would feel like.
The options are pain relief (though they stopped giving me codeine because they are scared of it getting too moreish) and surgery which is a last resort option. They also dont perform it in Northern Ireland where I live so I would have to go over to England for the op, or possibly down to the Irish Republic.
I just wondered if anyone else is a fellow sufferer or has a family member with the condition. I did a search and found a few folks who had relatives with the condition.
Feel free to chat or ask questions about the condition.

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