Weird black oval on printed document

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My dad had a document emailed him that he needs to print out. It's 11 pages long, and the second one and the last 9 print fine. But the first four print with a huge, filled-in black oval that obscures a good third of the text, while the header at the top doesn't print. This header is also on other pages that print just fine, though. He printed it out from Hotmail's Microsoft Office online document viewer, and I did it from LibreOffice, both with the same results; he doesn't have Microsoft Office on this computer, but I imagine he can try that tomorrow at work. It's just weird that it's picked these two pages to screw up on even though there are others that are formatted the same that print just fine. There's a picture under the cut; if you guys have any suggestions that'd be great. We could maybe get them faxed over if nothing else but they're international so that might be kind of a headache; ditto with sending them via mail, so being able to print them would be ideal.

Ignore the red ovals, those were added to obscure possibly sensitive info.

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