New Graphic Novel: Purgatory Pub Ch1+2. (Art Critiques please?)

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Hey y'all. Long time Lurker, first time Poster.
I am working on a graphic novel series. I'm 3/4 of the way through book 1 and I hope to finish in August. We're looking at about 4 or 5 books total.
Below is some sample art.

The premise is: When the Angel and Devil on your shoulder are done harassing you, they go to a bar and they talk about you.
An Angel from Uptown and a Devil from Downtown are friends and hang out at their favorite pub in Midtown when it's mostly empty. We see what their lives are like and where they live. Later we meet the major players in Heaven and Hell and see what happens when regular folk die.


Here's the PDF: http://www.firelightsmedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Part-1.pdf
It is, of course, free.

I'd really like to hear what people think.
Thanks so much for taking the time.

--Gabe D.

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    I'd prefer if you actually put some legible, not sideways photos of your comic for critiquing here in the forum. I'd be destroying that gumroad link if the comic wasn't for free.

    You'll get much better feedback if you just post a few pages that people can actually read.

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    -PookeyG--PookeyG- Registered User regular
    Thanks Iruka,
    Re-posted with better images. Hope y'all like this better.

    --Gabe D.

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    1. The story seems like you are trying really hard to convey a message directly to the reader. You might want to turn that down a notch.
    2. I can't tell if the devil/angel are good friends or if they just met, it seems like the later but I'm not sure.
    3. I also didn't really get the last two pages. I like the art and setting though.

    doodleduck on
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