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RSPOD 3 & 4 on Xbox require internet?

grizzlyaddamsgrizzlyaddams regularRegistered User regular
A friend of mine, who does not have internet available in his home, bought RSPOD 3 & 4 on Xbox Live Arcade, but when he got home to play them it gave him a message prompting him to connect to Xbox Live.

Is an internet connection required to play these games? If so, WHY?! He said there was no such information or warning on the detail screen before purchasing the game. He bought two other Live Arcade games at the same time and did not have any issue with them, come to think of it, no game he owns requires him to be connected to the internet...


  • RainbowDespairRainbowDespair regular Registered User regular
    Unfortunately, all Xbox Live Indie Games require an Internet connection to play.

  • grizzlyaddamsgrizzlyaddams regular Registered User regular
    So from what I'm reading, Indie Games get version checked in-case there is some future desperate need to yank the game? Is there any pre-purchase indication of this requirement that isn't buried deep within the bowels of the TOS?

  • TubeTube admin Administrator, ClubPA admin
    Those are questions that you'd be better off aiming at Microsoft. No one at Zeboyd or Penny Arcade is involved in those decisions.

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  • grizzlyaddamsgrizzlyaddams regular Registered User regular
    I didn't assume they would, I was just wondering if there was some big blatant warning my friend overlooked.

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