I need help in identifying a game

ShminkyblinkyShminkyblinky Registered User new member
the game i am trying to find is a really old game that i played in the 2000's . i remember it was called "medieval" or something like that, not really sure about the name itself. the game is a top view games, meaning the camera is placed on top of the player. the game consists of i guess 4 classes: one is a human barbarian who is really bulky and carries a big axe, the other is an elf archer, the third is a female mage who carries a staff with a "U" shape on one of its ends and i don't remember the forth class. The game goes like this, it is a dungeon crawling game containing spiders, skeletons, rats etc and it can be played with a party of two from the same computer and party of four online. one can advance through the levels and find treasures buy finding three different keys for three different doors: bronze gold and silver. That's all what i remember of the game, so if u guys know it's title, please leave a comment


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