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Awesomenauts is going figurine!

PaulMcGranitePaulMcGranite Registered User regular
So I know the Steam Sale left everyone's wallet in tatters...but for those of you who are into Awesomenauts and also figurines, I wanted to get the word out. They're looking to make a figurine of Clunk, but I guess they need a certain amount of pre-orders. The shipping can potentially make the price a little steep, but it may be worth it for the desk-decorators among us. I'm pure garbage at Awesomenauts, but I love the game and I'm a sucker for figurines and I wanted the world to know what it's potentially missing. Also if you haven't played the game, I recommend it. It's good fun.

Thanks for your eyes :)



  • StericaSterica Halloween Japes Registered User, Moderator mod
    We have an Awesomenauts thread.

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