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What happened to Speed Painting on Saturday?

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Over-all I thought PAX was amazingly organized and I applaud all of the organizers and enforcers, you did a great job!

But I do have to ask, what the hell happened with the Speed Painting Competition on the Saturday?

On Friday the Painting Competition was listed as 8pm in the schedule, however I was told that I couldn't sign up until 6pm. I decided to skip it because I wanted to go out for dinner, and it was listed for 11am the next day so I could make that one.
I get to the Paint and Take area at 10.30am on the Saturday and talk to the enforcer working there and asked where to sign up for Speed Painting. He told me I couldn't sign-up until 6pm and that it was on at 8pm that night. I told him that could not be correct because the programme booklet lists it happening at 11am:

I know the programme booklet wasn't 100% accurate so I checked the iPhone app, this is what I found:
Same time! But the enforcer treated me like I was making things up and to come back at 6pm to sign-up. He did however tell me as I was leaving that it would be on at 11am the next day. (The Sunday.)

I had a flight Sunday afternoon but our group managed to get to PAX in the morning, so first-thing I went back to the Paint and Take area and asked to sign-up for Speed Painting. Where I was told that the Speed Painting competition didn't start until 2pm! WTH! I checked the programme booklet, and they were correct. I missed it because I had to leave for my flight but it makes me wonder what the enforcer the previous day was thinking.
Did the Speed Painting Competition happen at 11am on Saturday? Was I lied to? Or was both the app. and the programme booklet wrong? Did anyone show up or participate in the competition on the Saturday night?

Kinda upset for having missed it. As I said, this was the only disorganization I saw at PAX the entire weekend. I just hope the Painting Competition is a little better organized in 2014. I also suggest that you have earlier sign-ups, not being able to sign-up until 6pm for a 8pm Competition means that people can't go out for dinner and come back before the Comp; not with how crazy public transport is around that time.

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