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facebook photo uploader shits the bed; any handy app alternatives?

GreasyKidsStuffGreasyKidsStuff MOMMM!ROAST BEEF WANTS TO KISS GIRLS ON THE TITTIES!Registered User regular
Hey, hoping I can get some advice regarding an issue with Facebook's photo uploader. Twice in the last month, I've tried creating an album only to have the uploader freeze up and just not do anything when it almost finishes uploading one(!) picture, let alone all thirty or whatever. It says it's still loading but it takes forever and nothing happens even if I leave it for a while. I think it's a common issue, judging by the other frustrated people on Google/Twitter.

So, my question is this: does anybody know any handy apps that work reliably well to upload pictures to FB from, say, the desktop or a browser? I'm using Chrome on a Macbook. Also, I tried to upload pics on Safari but I didn't get very far because Adobe Flash was out of date for that browser. I saw one app called Moment that seemed pretty good, but it costs $8 bucks and that's a bit much, but I'm willing to cough that up if it works well. Any free options? My google-fu fails me.

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